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Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
turned it on and everything ran fine. I hope to have some supers in another ...
I received the unit yesterday (4/5/17) and it was double boxed so there was no damage in shipping. Everything was in there for assembly and i put it together in less than a half hour. Plugged it in, turned it on and everything ran fine. I hope to have some supers in another month or so, the bees are busy this spring. I wouldn't say this is the Mercedes of extractors from the finish work but in reality it's intended to spin frames to extract honey and from what I see it should work fine. I was glad to see there is a lot if support for tangential extraction of deep frames. I might add additional wire over the vertical bars just in case but it has good coverage for the deeps. It has a nice deep conical well for honey to collect and a rounded outer bottom edge not a seam so the honey should flow out the gate nicely and clean up easily. I just want to order a couple extra ball bearings in case I lose the one in the center post support. 5 gallon bucket fits under the gate and i also plan to attach the legs to a 3/4 inch plywood base for stability. I turned it on full speed empty and there is no vibration or wobbling at all. it's well balanced.
Michael Kritsak Michael Kritsak
Great value for the price!
This thing is a wonder! I’m a bee keeping hobbyist (3 hives) and I’ve spun about 4 supers and 3 deeps with this extractor and it’s held up wonderfully. I don’t have it mounted to anything yet so I have to make sure it’s relatively balanced and start slow. It’s in my basement and I fold the laundry while it spins.
Mark D. Mark D.
Very easy to use and very well built
I have used this twice and it is Great. I had a 2 frame hand Crank and I wish I would have bought this back then. It is well with worth the money.
Larry Perez Larry Perez
As good as MannLake or Dadant for a very fair price.
After assembling and using this extractor - I can confidently give it five stars. I have used many others from Dadant and Mannlake - this is very solid and it takes care of the comb. I didn't mount it and it did shake when load was uneven, but that is an easy fix. I used medium frames. love the auto stop and the clear covers. I waited years to buy an extractor and I am glad I waited and this is it. I keep about 10 hives year round.
Kostiantyn Kostiantyn
Where has this been all my life??
I love this spinner. After using a 2 frame hand crank for 3 years I decided to upgrade. I bought this one and I am so happy I did. This spinner and I spun 1004 pounds of honey in 2019. It never missed a beat! Do yourself a favor and buy this spinner.
taylor taylor
It is easy to disassemble for cleaning
I plan to use this tomorrow. I have 2 medium supers of honey. This unit takes 8 medium frames laterally at a time if I choose to do that many. But I am a newby and hope to see it just work and save me some time. I will post more later.
Fast, efficient, and worth the money.
An excellent alternative to a hand-crank honey extractor!! My kit was missing a screw and small plate that operated the safety switch, but their customer service was very friendly and they sent me out the parts quickly. It is definitely worth the money!!
Very happy with this extractor
I ordered this for my sister and brother in law who have bees and were exhausted from using a manual extractor. After reading some of the reviews, I was a little reluctant to order this for them.
angelina lule angelina lule
This extractor is a wonderful machine that works very well.
I would suggest this machine to anyone for it is a great extractor that does a ver good job of extracting and it seem to have very good balance if loaded correctly. I was able to extract as fast as I could uncap the comb.
Jennifer Jennifer
New beekeeper
Worked wonderfully! We didn't want a hand crank and this fit perfectly into our price range. Worked exactly as described and we are super happy with our purchase!

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