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Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Works great!
Set up quickly. Make sure to double check all screws that were installed at factory, a couple were loose after shipping. Extracted honey great! Love it!
W L Tracey W L Tracey
Honey Extractor
We were very pleased with this honey extractor. It worked well and was easy to clean up. Highly recommend. Very sturdy and well thought out and really like the variable speed motor. A really good product.
corky buffington corky buffington
Very Satisfied , very nice …
I received my VIVO extractor today, arrived in two days! It was packaged in not one but two thick cartons, styrofoam and packing material. The extractor came out of the box in perfect condition, no dings or dents. The hardware was packed separately as were the instructions. The gauge of metal is thicker than I thought it would be.Super easy to assemble, took me 15 minutes with a Phillips screw driver and crescent wrench. ALL HARDWARE WAS STAINLESS STEEL and there were extra screws , bolts and nuts along with an extra connection grommet for the joint between the motor and shaft, someone complained about screwing theirs up so now the supplier provides a second one. Shows the supplier is paying attention to comments. After assembly we turned it on, it was balanced and made no weird noises or appeared out of balance. While we haven’t extracted honey yet ( July 2021 we will) it spun great at all speeds. I think it’s a great product . While some folks seemed to have a different opinion , I think the item I received was way better than I hoped for based on the negative reviews. I will add to this review once I put honey frames into it, but if you are wondering whether or not to buy it , go for it , I did and I’m happy I did.
sqhead sqhead
I am not sure if this is where I should leave a review of the honey extractor but here it goes anyway. The package arrived ahead of schedule, and appears to work as advertised. Assembly was easy, but have not yet installed the legs as I plan to place on a shelf so as to accommodate a 5 gallon honey bucket. Upon opening the box I noticed the styrofoam used to protect the unit was completely destroyed (maybe from shipping?) which caused small pieces of foam dust to get all over everything. vacuum used to clean out of motor area. Upon inspection of the drum of the extractor itself I noticed what appeared as possibly a thin layer of graphite grease all over the inside part of the drum. I used a paper-towel and swiped the inside of the drum and it came out black. As a result, the unit was completely disassembled (easy to do) and thoroughly cleaned with HOT soapy water and scouring pad. WARNING!!! Clean this unit BEFORE use!!!! Hot soapy water and scouring pad three times seemed to do the trick. - Thank You.
al picone al picone
great spinner, great customer service
Purchased this spinner in 2019, then spun 37 gallons of honey in 2020, this year we dropped the spinner and broke it. Parts weren't immediately available so I purchased another 1. While spinning honey the motor overheated. Called customer service and they sent a new 1 out immediately, only question they had was if my address was still the same. I have now also received the parts needed to fix the broken unit. Customer service is quick and so is shipping. Great spinner, do yourself a favor and get 1.
jl hanson jl hanson
Really Great Value for Price - Very Sturdy - Quality Materials
Very good quality for the prices charged. Holds quite a few shallow or deep frames. Nice to have the clear acrylic lid to see the progress but keep bees out. Fairly easy to clean except you will be left with a bit of honey at the bottom because that part is tough to pour out. I think that's fairly common with the pour spout being just above the base of the container.
Great Value!
We debated with spending more and weren't sure about the brand, but it turned out to work really well. It's a little wobbly and needs a sturdy base but that seems like the case with all of them. When we got it one the foot pieces was broke. We contacted support and they sent a new leg right away. We've used it three times now and it's been great everytime!
Good value, nice quality
For the price, this is a very nice extractor. I can't believe how FAST this shipped!!! It arrived with good packaging, and undamaged. I would say it does not look as heavy duty as the Dadant extractor I borrowed for a couple of years, BUT since I am just a hobbyist with 2 hives, should be more than adequate, and the price is more hobbyist-friendly for sure. I'll have to wait for a month or two to see how this works in use, but it sure looks like a well built piece of equipment, and so far VERY HAPPY with it!
Janice Janice
great product
last year I had some real problems with the coupler that links the motor to the frame cage. The rubber/plastic piece immediately squished out the side and I had a terrible time with unbalanced loads (which is the rule when extracting). Vivo sent me a replacement but it was no better. So after the season, I looked around and upgraded it to a L075 12mm and a heavier duty spider to go inside (there are many grades for different torques). When I was ready to start extracting I installed my new coupler and went to work. Not a whiff of a problem!
Mohammad Khoidadadi Mohammad Khoidadadi
Well made
Haven’t used yet for extraction, but after assembly it does run without issue. Assembly went fairly smooth although instructions did not mention that removal of motor and frame racks would be needed in order to clean tub and to install honey gate. Top cover did have small stress fractures where the preassembled metal tabs for automatic shutoff were screwed into plexiglass cover as if screws were over torqued when assembled.

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