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Paper Cutter

VEVOR Electric Paper Cutter 450mm 17.7 Inch Paper Cutter Guillotine Numerical Control Automatic Digital (44)
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Corner Rounder Cutter R6/r10 Heavy Duty Commercial Cutting 30 Mm Metal For Books (7)
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Top-Notch VEVOR Paper Cutter For Bulk Paper Cutting 

Are you a paper craft enthusiast, an employee in job settings, or a teacher in a school? Well, a paper cutter is your destination. A cutter paper machine is handy and robust to save time on trimming and cutting multiple sheets together. A Cardstock cutter is a one-time investment for people like you who love to bring out their creativity in crafting projects using different paper types. 

You can get a precise cut on more than 300 cards of 12 x 18 dimensions at a time with heavy-duty business card cutters at VEVOR. We believe in making your life easier with a high-quality paper trimmer, giving you more opportunities for creativity.

Types of Card Cutter We Sell At VEVOR

Whether you need to make cards on demand or work at programmed jobs, you’ll need to cut paper with clean cuts. Knowing what types of paper cutters are available at VEVOR will make the selection of business card cutters easier and quicker.

Guillotine Paper Cutter 

A guillotine cutter paper machine is used in job settings where multiple sheets need high-quality and clean cuts within minutes. A paper cutter of this type is more reliable for additional tasks like digital printing. If you need to cut paper or stack of paper at a basic level with an electric paper cutter machine, then this paper trimmer is the best option.

Suitable for various settings


Gives efficient cuts

Primary-level machine with fewer features

Hydraulic Paper Trimmer

If you need a precise cut for more than 300 cards at a time, you need a heavy-duty card cutter called the hydraulic paper trimmer. Using this paper-cutting machine at a larger scale will allow you to work at a massive level without getting into any injuries because a hydraulic paper-cutting machine is designed for safe paper cutting. You can get the full bleed of numerous business cards per minute.


Perfect for commercial settings

Cuts more paper simultaneously



Not suitable for small-scale usage

Business Card Slitters

Business card slitters are the perfect option for programmed jobs settings requiring a less heavy cardstock cutter. These business card cutters come in different sizes, and you can invest in the one that suits you. You can buy a manual or automatic cutter according to your budget and needs.


Available with different features

Comes in multiple sizes

Automatic cutter is also available


Mismatched for heavy commercial usage

Things To Consider During Selection of Business Card Paper Cutter 

Hoping to find the appropriate cardstock cutter? Don't forget to check out our tips on things you must consider before purchasing a paper cutter.

Type of Machine

Different types of cutter paper machines perform different functions. Some machines are suitable for home use while others are good for commercial use like offices and schools. Before you purchase a type of paper cutter, you need to define the job settings for which the cutter is required.

Cutting Capacity

Whether you need a paper-cutting machine for crafting projects or digital printing, check its cutting capacity. If you are looking for a paper cutter for everyday use, you do not need a high cutting capacity but focus on a high cutting capacity for more professional settings.

Portability of Machine 

Do you want to use the paper cutter machine at a fixed place or move it to various locations? For home use, you'll need a portable cutter paper machine so you can use it in different rooms, while for commercial uses, you can have less portable and heavyweight paper cutter machines.

Tips For Maintaining and Features of A Paper Cutter

A paper cutter can be used for multiple reasons depending on your purpose. It helps to increase the capacity of cutting papers within less time. Your selection of business card cutters defines what features you will get in your machine. However, the standard features include convenience and portability for long-term usage.

You need to wipe the paper cutter with a damp cloth after some time to make it work properly. Use the approved oil on the spring mechanism to cut the papers smoothly.

Best Paper Cutter At VEVOR To Purchase

Thinking of purchasing a cutter paper machine at VEVOR? We have some suggestions for the best products for you. Look at each of them and choose the best one for you. 

Corner Rounder Cutter R6/r10 Heavy Duty Commercial Cutting

With a 30MM cutting height, this corner cutting tool gives you a high-quality and heavy-duty cutting blade for fast cutting speed and efficiency. A long handle requires less force when cutting the bulk papers. Use this easy-to-operate and portable cutter paper machine to ease your life.

VEVOR Electric Paper Cutter 0-330 Cutting Width

Try out this H-type paper feeder-designed electric paper cutter that lets you adjust the cutting size with a size adjuster. Enjoy features like sensitive monitoring, comprehensive protection, and infrared photoelectric protection. With such safety features, this paper trimming machine gives you lots of benefits for your safety.  This is a good choice for churches, schools, hospitals, and offices. 

VEVOR Electric Round Corner Machine Heavy Duty

Looking for a round corner cutter to take over all your heavy-duty paper-cutting tasks? Then try out this one. The 180W power of this cutter gives it a stable source to put less effort and cut more paper. A paper pressing device in this machine protects the papers from slipping during cutting.

Why Choose VEVOR?

Serving our customers for years, we’ve never let them down on any of our products. Each of the products we sell aims at making your life easier. Here are more reasons why you should choose us to buy your products. 

High-End Quality

Our quality check team ensures that each product passes through multiple quality checks, so you always get the best product.

Solution To All Your Problems

Buy professional and technological products at VEVOR, giving you an all-in-one place to make purchases, whether a tricycle or a paper cutter.

FAQs about Paper Cutter

Q1. How many 12 x 18 dimensions papers can a paper cutter can cut?

A2. It depends on the capacity and type of a paper cutter. You can buy the industrial paper cutter to get full bleed cards on demand.

Q2. What precautions should I take when cutting paper? 

A2. Protect your fingers from being cut by keeping them behind a protective guard while cutting the paper. Also, keep your hands from going under the blade.

Q3. What is the purpose of a card cutter?

A3. Within minutes, these machines can cut and trim paper stacks. They are the best machines when you need to do digital printing or crafting projects.

Tips & Inspiration