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VEVOR Benchtop Planer, 13" Thickness Planer, 1800W 8000RPM Woodworking Planer, 6m/min Planing Speed W/ Iron Stand Dust Exhaust

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Benchtop Planer, 13" Thickness Planer, 1800W 8000RPM Woodworking Planer, 6m/min Planing Speed W/ Iron Stand Dust Exhaust

Customer Reviews

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Mark Crawford Mark Crawford
Great planner
I was sceptical of this planer because of the price but I was def wrong. This does a fantastic job at planing and eats through wood with no issues. Im glad I purchased this planer. Thanks again Vevor. Another great product.
Mike J Mike J
LOVE this planer
Had my wife get me this machine as an early Christmas present because of a sale Vevor had going on. I have wanted a thickness planer for years. I was not familiar with this brand and the price point was low enough to cause some concern but saw other reviews that hit all the points I was looking for. I can say it arrived quickly, was easy to assemble (though the directions are not great but you can build the stand and attach without any directions) and easy to adjust and use. I am SO pleased with it! Very heavy duty for the price and I cannot be happier. It is a straight blade cutter so keep that in mind but for the price and the build quality, this machine cannot be beat! I have been using it for a month hooked up to my dust extraction system and it has worked well for all my projects! Well done Vevor!
Cilbo Cilbo
This was bought for our son- in-law and he is loving it. Thank you for such a great product.John has lots of wood working projects that he does and now it will be a lot easier for him.
Michael Harmon Michael Harmon
Wonderful machine, I use it almost daily. Very easy to use and assemble. Does what I need it to do. I use a lot of rough cut lumber and I don't have to spend days sanding to get it ready.
Johnnie Johnnie
I decided to try this planer based on reviews i saw on utube. It shipped the same day I ordered it and arrived 2 days later. Everything was well packaged and no parts were missing. I assembled the stand in about half an hour. I did ad soma 2x2’s and casters to the bottom to make it easy to move around. I have only used it for one small job so far and it performed to my satisfaction. I do recommend this planer.
James Simmons (JTS Sawdust) James Simmons (JTS Sawdust)
Perfect for diy small shop.
This planer works perfectly for charcuterie boards with and without resin. The boards ended up with a very smooth face that needed minimal sanding. After almost a year, I had to replace the blades. I wish this was an easier process, but if you just take your time it’s not too bad. I absolutely love this planer.
Don Wiggins Don Wiggins
The planer works great, I’m very pleased with it. The only problem I had is the instructions are lacking. There’s a plastic guard of some sort and I still have no idea where it goes, or what is for. The pamphlet doesn’t show it at all.
Great Planer
So far so good. I’ve used it several times so far and it’s quick and smooth. The only complaint would be the instructions for putting the stand together, but easy enough to figure out. I plan on using this tool a lot, especially with today’s lumber. The unit is very solid and very powerful.
bass player bass player
I have been in the wood product hobby and sales, produced many wood projects and have a ton wood tools and machinery. this sizer planner is fantastic, self-feeder is remarkable, planes to your desire. not too noisy but I suspect I will put my muffs on. the extra attachment you folks put on for the wood chips vacuum is great hardly had to sweep the floor, but did. I am over a 6 foot. so, I probably will put the unit on a base, with locking wheels. but that's on me. surly would not want the unit manufactured too high, I would be in deep do,do. all in all, a great unit for the price. vevor, never heard of you, but more of your products will be coming to my place. Fred Godec Hibbing U.S.A.
Michael Bouve Michael Bouve
Only had to assemble the stand and make a few checks and the planer was ready to use. Quieter than I thought it would be. Worked great even on knots. Very happy with the purchase.

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