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VEVOR Benchtop Planer, 13" Thickness Planer, 1800W 8000RPM Woodworking Planer, 6m/min Planing Speed W/ Iron Stand Dust Exhaust

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Benchtop Planer, 13" Thickness Planer, 1800W 8000RPM Woodworking Planer, 6m/min Planing Speed W/ Iron Stand Dust Exhaust

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paul dell paul dell
Leaves a very nice finish. I've sent a bunch of oak through it and it still seems sharp. The stand that comes with it is to short to do anything but give you a sore back. The height adjustment is not very smooth. It could use a little more power. And sometimes it doesn't like to feed. Considering all that If you want a good planer at a low price this is a good buy.
Jim Jim
This planner arrived very fast and was packed excellently. Easy to put together and when the stand is assembled right it is nice and solid. I welded up a steel base with locking casters so it raised it up a little over 6 inches so it's real comfortable to use. It planes lumber as well as any other small planer I've used. I would (and have) recommend this to anyone in the market for this size planer. I have purchased a number of tools from Vevor and have been happy with all of them. I had a problem with one and their customer service responded right away and the part I need it on the way as I write this. I hope that it ends well, I'll let you know if it doesn't.
Joe Joe
Good tool.. very strong and works great.. only onr thing it looks like the blades have a chip broken leaves a line on wood.. i wonder if we can replace the plades only..thank you 5 stars
Rick Rick
Just another woodworker
Couldn't beat the price. Have everything else, just needed a planer. I shopped around for many products and read all the reviews, didn't need to spend on the pricier planers for what I need it for and it comes with a stand! Not much in the way of bells and whistles, but it works great! When I first got it, I checked all the adjustments, actually they were right on, so on to the first test. I sent a couple different woods through and checked them for snipe. Not bad maybe a little in the beginning and the end of the last board! Fairly quiet. So the things I don't like about it is (1) dust collector hookup is some funky size, I took about 3 times around with electrical tap to make it tight on a shop vac hose. (2) dust collection is right over the exit for the wood, so I used a 90 fitting, no biggie. (3) The gauge for thickness is pretty worthless, but I don't need anything that precise. Other than that, this works great, easy to setup, nice level table, and it has a stand that comes with it! Here's a tip putting the stand together, lay out the parts and remember it sits in the stand, not on it.
Steve L Steve L
Great deal, fast shipping.
What an amazing machine, the best choice I ever made, the price is right shipping is extremely fast setting up was easy. Thanks Vevor..
Montana Montana
Works very well. Definitely need a dust collection system or have to vacum out the dust collector every so often. It doesn't shoot the chips across the shop like a Dewalt would. But all in all it does what I need it to.
SammyC SammyC
Both items came on time and was easy to track. Both packages were secure and had all pieces. Super easy to set up and use.
Robert Robert
I got this because the price was so low ($217.99) and for the money it work great. Only has two cutting blades. The plate bed is not attached to the frame causing it to be high in several location. When you run your wood through the pressure from the above roller will push the table flat in all the high spots. So when you are setting it up take the flex of the planer table into account. But again for the price and not every day use it is a very good planer.
Amber Leonard Amber Leonard
Perfect for a home shop.
Easy to set up and use. Sturdy and easy to adjust. Does an excellent job on rough, dented wood. Arrived as scheduled, and protected by heavy duty packaging. Very happy with this purchase.

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