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VEVOR Brake Fluid Bleeder Brake Fluid Replacement Tool 3L Large Capacity, Corrosion-Resistant Brake Oil Replacement Kit for Most Cars, with Pressure Gauge, Releasing Valve, and 1L Waste Oil Bottle

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Brake Fluid Bleeder Brake Fluid Replacement Tool 3L Large Capacity, Corrosion-Resistant Brake Oil Replacement Kit for Most Cars, with Pressure Gauge, Releasing Valve, and 1L Waste Oil Bottle

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Bryan A Okubo Bryan A Okubo
Good value topside oil changer
This topside oil changer is perfect for those that do not like crawling under cars and getting dirty. All you need to do is drive your car around until the oil is at operating temperature. Park the car, pull the dipstick, connect the various hoses to the device, then put the hose down the dipatick! Next, extend the foot support on the bottom and you can either start pumping away like a bicycle pump, or you can connect a compressor hose to the pressure fitting. I do it the manual way which is slower, but much quieter. Depending on how much oil you have in your engine, you should be done in 10-15 minutes. It can be done faster with an air compressor, but I have never used it in that manner. If you car has more than 6 quarts of oil, you will need to stop and empty the tank, then start again. You can simply disconnect the fitting to the device and pour the dirty oil into an old container or those oil change boxes. This is very easy to use and the design is good with lots of bracing on the container. All items are well made. The only things that could be improved on would be a holder for all the hoses, and a better shut off valve for the compressor fitting. This is a must have for any DIYer that has a car with a dipstick. There are even cars without dipsticks, that have an access port to use these.
Olin Olin
Good design
Overall works well. Found that the pumping function leaves a considerable amount (less than a quart) in the tank that can't be used without dumping it out, therefore plan for a little extra fluid used.
trying to fix it trying to fix it
delivered on schedule. put it work right away pulling 30wt oil out of a briggs 5hp on a 30 degree day. the suction lines are a bit stiff but worked perfectly using the hand pump, have not tried compressed air option yet. 1/2 the price of items that do the same job at the local tool store that sells all the imported stuff or even the big auto parts stores that sell item that looks very similar.
Farhad Bharucha Farhad Bharucha
If you have a dipstick, you may need this
This is my first time using a vacuum pump to change the oil. I have been changing the oil the traditional way by removing the drain plug for many years. So far, this is a really good option. You don't need to raise the car, which is a much safer way even if you are using ramps. I used a compressor to get the vacuum. It works well, but you need a large enough compressor. I think mine is 4 gallons, and the compressor stayed on, but it worked. There are some improvement that they can make. They have marks that you 1 quart, 2 quarts... These marks are very hard to see, they need to be painted, even a sharpie would help. The suction tube attaches just under the handle, if the handle is not turned, you will drain the oil on the handle. The suction tube also twists on, a counter-clockwise twist to lock it on; this is backwards, in other words, traditional tightening, is now loosening. Overall, it's a good tool, it would not take to much to make it better. Also, I an storing it in the cardboard box it came in, maybe something better would be nice.
Rory Derrick Rory Derrick
Mechanic/Shop owner.
Its a great tool, and I have not had any problems with it working on automotive braking systems, and also boat trailers and utility trailers with surge brake systems.
Ryan Ryan
Great Quality!
I really like this fluid extractor as it’s easy to use and holds a lot of fluid, in my case, motor oil. I was debating on manual vs pneumatic, but this one has both, which made it an easy decision. My sealing cap did come with a little crack in the rubber, so I reached out to Vevor and they are sending me a new sealing cap, so they get 5 stars on customer service. They were very responsive. I like that you are able to pour out the oil right into a disposable container. Great value for the quality of this item. This will make changing oil in my power washer and snowblower immensely easier now.
Jetjock Jetjock
Much easier to change my mower's oil with this unit
I have been watching this design for some time and jumped on the chance to try this one. I have discovered how easy it is to change the oil in my mower from the top, without having to jack it up and get to the drain plug (and get oil all over my hands). I just feed the included tubing down into the fill/check hole and this extractor pump pulls the oil out for me. I make sure to feed the tubing down to the lowest point in the engine, so I leave almost no used oil when the extractor is done. two ways to create the suction - with my high-pressure air pump OR by simply pumping the plunger a few times. For my mower, it takes only about ten pumps to create enough suction power to remove the 1.5 quarts of used oil from the engine. Once the oil is removed, I spin on a new filter and pour in fresh oil and I ready to go for another 25 hours. This extractor has made oil changes fast and easy. I highly recommend this unit for the DIY in your family. It will make a very welcome Christmas present. Thank you, VEVOR, for allowing me to sample and review this fantastic product.
Brian Mensch Brian Mensch
Grand Pubah
This is one of the best tools I've ever purchased, cuts the labor & hassle in half what once was a huge pain to service this vevor fluid extraction & refill canister makes it enjoyable to service transmissions again ... my 3rd or 4th Vevor tool excellent quality on all of them, can't beat most of their prices
Jesse Jesse
It pumps slow but accurate. I flushed two transmissions and a power steering system. All seems well.
David lawyer David lawyer
Business owner
Very happy with this tool. I like it so much I bought a second one. This works great. I would highly recommend it.

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