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VEVOR Brake Fluid Bleeder Brake Fluid Replacement Tool 3L Large Capacity, Corrosion-Resistant Brake Oil Replacement Kit for Most Cars, with Pressure Gauge, Releasing Valve, and 1L Waste Oil Bottle

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Brake Fluid Bleeder Brake Fluid Replacement Tool 3L Large Capacity, Corrosion-Resistant Brake Oil Replacement Kit for Most Cars, with Pressure Gauge, Releasing Valve, and 1L Waste Oil Bottle

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Bahati Bahati
Great item.
The pump is very easy to use. Its suction is very good. It also includes everything you need. It helps to keep everything clean. I am very satisfied with the ease of everything. The manual is easy to read and follow.
Burgess Burgess
Fits my long bed
It's really useful. Yes, it has one or two flaws, but it runs perfectly. Make work so simple.
time saver
read all the other reviews, same here. Works great, made changing my trans oil easy. The air fitting is not a pipe thread but my replacement is, 3 wraps of Teflon tape and it only engages about 2 threads but was air tite. The pressure relief valve is at about 25 psi, says don't use more than 50 psi but pops off way lower, keep supply pressure at 35 and it works great. No instructions, if you are doing your own transmission work you will be able to figure out! the recover, supply knob seems to be backwards, mine was blur and when I turn the directions of the arrows on it to supply gear oil it was making bubbles, I turned it to recover (suction) and it pumped oil... don't be afraid to experiment!
Bill Bill
Five. Stars after you fix the quality control issue this thing has.
I do give it five stars for price and use. However, I must subtract a half a star because the seals were installed backwards, it was a very easy fix, but a very stupid mistake on the manufacturers part.
Pilotgumby Pilotgumby
Only way to fill a transmission.
No dipstick on my BMW and this was so easy to use. I won’t refill a trans any other way after using this fluid pump. It works as an extractor also very nice and heavy duty plastic.
Cornell89 Cornell89
Minor issues, but overall good value
I bought this primarily as a fluid pump for transmission service. It comes with several transmission fill adaptors, including one for my VW's DSG transmission. One problem I had while pumping fluid was the pressure relieve valve kept blowing off at 20 psi (max pressure rating is 50 psi). It was a little annoying, but it still got the job done.The same tool can also extract fluids, and it comes with 3 different sized tubes to do "top side" oil changes. I haven't tried that yet, but I have used it to drain a gas tank and to do a brake fluid flush. When draining the gas tank, the suction was good, and it was handy to then be able to reverse the flow and pump the extracted gas into another car. As for the brake fluid flush - it's a shame Vevor doesn't include a fitting for bleeder nipples. None of the included oil extraction tubes provide a good seal on bleeder nipples.
A. Spektor A. Spektor
Dont underestimate
This pump holds a lot. Although it didn't come with instructions, it wasn't hard to figure out how to use it.There is a locking mechanism on the black nozzle, where you attach the hose to. If you don't unlock it, you will not be able to pump anything out or in. I had no idea there was a lock, so be aware of this option.
Portia Portia
Good quality for use
Edda Edda
It's straight forward to operate.
It's straight forward to operate. 3 steps. Open the black valve on the compressor connection to pressurize the tank. Turn the screw on the blue valve to pump or extract. Squeeze the handle to extract or pump fluid.I had no leaks and I am very happy with the tool.
Narcissus Narcissus
Used it very easily
excellent product, no problems. Great value for dollar amount. You can't go wrong with this product

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