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VEVOR Black Reptile Incubator 25L Scientific Lab Incubator Digital Incubator Cooling and Heating 5-60°C Reptile Egg Incubator 12V/110V Work for Small Reptiles

Customer Reviews for VEVOR Black Reptile Incubator 25L Scientific Lab Incubator Digital Incubator Cooling and Heating 5-60°C Reptile Egg Incubator 12V/110V Work for Small Reptiles


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Gayle p. Gayle p.
My grand children’s bearded dragon laid eggs . They used the incubator. They now have 2 babies and about 20 more eggs that might hatch. They’re so cute
Chris Colt Chris Colt
An Amazing Value based on performance, simplicity of use and accuracy of temperature control
I purchased this Vevor 25L (Red) lab incubator for my bulk fermentation of sourdough bread dough and starter temperature control. I have been using it almost daily for the last 3 weeks. The only downside I have found so far is that it only displays Celsius so since we live in a Fahrenheit world in the USA I had to develop a conversion chart for the temperatures I use the most. I read all the reviews focusing on the negative reviews and based on those reviews I noticed a pattern of either item returns being repackaged and sold as new (unit being delivered all scratched up, cracked, missing parts or parts loosely included not properly bagged or wrapped as one would expect with a brand new factory fresh item. So, I decided to buy directly from Vevor website - much to my surprise not only was the item less expensive - the Red model was about $110 with all the initial discounts from signing up to the Vevor buyers Club (free membership), but I also got free shipping that was lightning fast (I live in New Jersey, ordered very late on a Sunday night - 11:30PM and received item on Wednesday early afternoon - 1PM - faster than Amazon is advertising. All 3 colors were in stock - white, red and black - with white being the least expensive about $8 less than the red. Full 1 year direct from manufacturer warranty. Packaging for a new factory fresh item should be 2 slide in shelves (shelves are not perfectly symmetrical and can only be installed i correct direction - this is how they stay in place), a water tray on the bottom of unit, 2 power cords, one for USA 120V AC - 2 prong polarized and one 12V DC round cigarette lighter plug style for connecting to a 12V Car outlet. The cords are supplied inside a plastic bag which each one has a cable tie that is tied to each of the 2 plastic shelves, the shelves are not inside a plastic bag, they are inside the unit with the 2 power cords attached. Finally, there is a well written instruction manual also inside its own plastic bag. Like
David David
Works Great
I had personally bought this incubator as a back up just in case my other one were to fail, but luckily I did as I ended up getting more eggs than I initially thought. I’ve hatched over 30 eggs in 2023 and only a handful were with this incubator but I can say for certain that it works. The only thing that I find confusing is that it seems like the incubator is intended that it holds water in the bottom for the humidity, but I controlled my own humidity inside of plastic containers which held the group of eggs.
East coast Dragon creations East coast Dragon creations
Excellent back up
I needed a back up to our C serpent and decided to hatch out some Leapord Gecko babies last season. 100 % HATCH! 6 healthy high end boys as desired and I ran an internal thermometor to ensure that the temps were stable and they never failed. I only wish that it was not in celsiusbut the internal Temp guage solved this issue.
Phil-in-OR Phil-in-OR
Earl of Elaboration
The incubator appears to be peltier based. It heats or cools as needed to maintain the set point. I’ve had no issues during the first month of operation. I’m using it in my unheated shop to store batteries and various digital measuring tools that are sensitive to cold weather. Plenty of room for what I need. It was a good value compared to building something myself. The packaging was appropriate for the unit with no excessive waste.
Babe Babe
Natto perfect
Purchased this to produce the best natto possible. The temperature remains incredibly consistent. To manipulate humidity introduce water. Great Natto requires very close to 100 degrees for 24 hours. I put a digital thermometer inside to track temperature and it stayed within 1 desired degree Fahrenheit the entire time. The resulting natto was absolutely perfect. Using steaming trays or the like there is adequate room to produce great natto. If you want to incubate something else you can rely on It is well designed for maintaining a constant temperature without fluctuation.
Steve Steve
Head Grower
This incubator is amazing. I actually use this for growing mushroom mycelium. It is the perfect environment. Easy to use and clean works very well. 100% recommended.
turtlemark turtlemark
Not just an incubator
I bake sourdough.. and this makes the best baking proofing box. With both heat and cold it keeps my dough at a consistent temp in summer or winter.
Rebecca Rebecca
Nice little incubator
I bought this as an additional incubator for tortoise eggs. It maintains the temperature perfectly. Just a couple of little things would make this even better. The temperature is only displayed in Celsius. No big deal. It keeps the temperature so precisely you don't need a chart or anything to convert it. The blue temp and button lights are BRIGHT! You would not want this in a room where lights could disturb you at night. The last comment is the inside is fairly small so it was hard to find containers that will fit. I ended up buying these: Snapware Total Solution 6-Pc 8.5 cup Rectangle Plastic Food Storage Containers Set. You could use standard deli cups but I wanted to maximize the space and use something a bit taller. I would definitely purchase this again.
Eric Eric
Teaching Associate Professor
This is an outstanding incubator at a great price! The same basic unit runs almost $800 from a scientific supply company, and this one holds temperature more accurately than the high dollar unit. I've been running it through a range of temperatures from 5 - 30 degrees Celsius over the past two weeks, and it consistently holds whatever temperature I set it at within +/- 1 degree. This is the second unit I've purchased, as I was so impressed with the performance of the first one. Now my students just have to decide what they are going to name it.

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