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Good suction power
Got this for my home and found the width was off. Worked great on a renovation that already had duct work. Not a hard install. It’s made for a hard wire. May need to do some electrical work to existing wires or wire a 3 prong to the hood for a plug in (easy). It’s a bit heavy. Can be installed with single, but much easier with help. Mine came with small dent in back (can’t be seen). Hood is made well. Has strong suction. Looks really nice in newer custom builds or update renovations.
William William
Range hood
This turned out to be a great upgrade during our kitchen remodel. It is an insert hood into cabinets. Make sure you have the room to install this before buying. Arrived in great condition, no broken or bent sections. We had duct work already installed in our kitchen so we did not need to convert to ductless.I would recommend getting another person to help you install this hood. It is rather heavy without supports to hold it in place while screwing in the screws.The LED lights are fine for my kitchen and are bright enough. There are 3 grease plates that click in and out very easily for cleaning. Its nice they can go in the dishwasher for easier clean up.There are two carbon filters provided in the box. They are optional install. I didn’t use them as we used the normal duct install. There are three speeds of the fan. The fan works well and removes all steam and smells from kitchen. It is slightly louder on high than I expected. Not horrible but definitely a bit louder than it seems it should be from the ad.There is a plastic grease box to collect drips. I haven’t had to clean it yet. Hopefully as it is plastic it will be easy to clean. The button controls are simple and straight forward. There is an on and off button the fan speeds and the light button. So you don’t have to have the light on at the same time as the fan. That is a nice feature if you want the fan running a bit longer but bot the lights. Overall glad I got this hood and it was very straight forward to install and use.
LizardLvr LizardLvr
Easy to install and quiet
This fan came with instructions that are very easy to understand. From removing the old fan to finishing the new install, it took just over 2 hours. this fan is heavy and for many other reasons, you will need help when installing.This fan does a good job of removing odors and smoke from the kitchen and sending them outside. The LED lights do a decent job of providing light. However, this is my 2nd fan with LEDs and I will tell you they are not the brightest but they do get the job done.Pay attention to the size, this is a 30-inch fan, which may not be the size that you need. I did not pay attention but got lucky and it fit in my space.
Scott Cate Scott Cate
Very light, quiet, and easy to install.
This worked perfectly for us to install in our kitchen remodel. It's quiet, the controls are easy to use, and the suction volume of the fan is perfect.
Kate K. Kate K.
It is not possible to install it alone
The body of the built-in hood with strong traction is durable and stainless steel, it does not work too loudly and looks very solid. It is also easy to clean as it is made of steel. When I cook several dishes at the same time in the kitchen, the smells spread everywhere and it was not pleasant.It removes odors and oil well.I used low, medium and high fan speeds. I like the LED light, it shows the food clearly. Of course, it could be even better if it was brighter.
MXS8106 MXS8106
Nice insert hood, check all your measurements first.
Overall its a nice insert and feels well made. We installed in the bottom of a 36" wide cabinet with the use of a jigsaw and a multi-tool. Amazon gives very detailed measurements so double check this will fit your install first and that there is no bracing in the way if you are installing in the bottom of a cabinet. It helps to have 2 people when installing as well. Once you get it screwed in though you can connect your ducting and run your power. Pleased with the lights and fan on this unit.
Matthew helwig Matthew helwig
Pretty good hood
This hood gets the job done and is nice for the most part. It's a little difficult to install, especially alone. It's also not quite as quiet as they claim. Other than that, it has excellent suction power. The light also works pretty well.
BrewCityMusic BrewCityMusic
Arrived Well-Packaged and in Good Shape, Decent Product all around
SO - the first caveat of this review is that I did not end up installing this in our kitchen as intended, We recently had our cabinets refaced and due to the bracing that was added this hood was about .75" too wide to fit in our space without some serious headaches and hassles (plus expense) so the hood is being used temporarily as a suction hood in my shop above my soldering bench.First off, the construction is as good as anything from the "Big Box" stores at a significantly lower price (5 stars). Fit and finish is good, and it's solid yet lightweight enough to be a fairly easy install (again, if You have the appropriate space - measure twice, buy once, LOL) ...Second, the fan is VERY strong and actually not annoyingly loud - the one we had to end up using in the kitchen drives Me NUTS if I'm cooking and trying to listen to tunes, TV, etc, this one is probably 20% (if not more) quieter.Third, the Lights are adequate, but def could be brighter - this is a complaint i have with every hood with the dang LED's (which seems to be all You can get anymore), I guess I became spoiled with my old hood with (2) 75w Incandescents ... NOT a deal-breaker, and over my soldering bench they actually are enough for all but SUPER detailed work, so I guess for cooking they would be just fine ... Call it an opinion, not worth docking stars over.I really (at this time) cannot speak to the recirc filters, etc as I am using it for soldering, sorry about that - what I CAN say is the fan is def strong enough that i would be happy as can be in a kitchen with this thing externally vented.All in all, I want to give 4.5 stars but of course, have to go either 4 or 5 - and due to the slightly dim lights as well as the measurements NOT being exact to spec, I am sliding the needle down to 4 instead of a solid 5. When one of our rentals needs a new hood, i really hope these are still around at the price point, because i WOULD install them in a heartbeat.
Brittany H Brittany H
Beautiful addition to my kitchen
This range hood is definitely an upgrade to the kitchen. It has great suction, 3 different levels, the lights are bright and I use them a lot when I’m cooking. The noise level is not bad, much quieter than my previous range. The stainless steel is beautiful and shiny. You must know that this type of range is to go up into the cabinet, it’s not the flat type so you do need to have that space.
Trina Trina Trina Trina
Worth your time
Beautiful! Nice upgrade. In love!

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