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Great money saving product
The money counter works great, you just have to be careful when you put the money in because it wants to grab it immediately and it could get jammed if you don’t load it just right. It takes a few tries to get used to it, otherwise it’s great.
J. Hutchins J. Hutchins
Works accurately and fun to use
Counts money quickly and accurately. Allows for quick batching of US currency. Built-in security features to detect counterfeit currency.
John Hamilton John Hamilton
Without Printer
Great machine!!
I have been looking for a money counter like this for a long time, finally I got this one. So far very satisfied. This is for my small business which mostly is cash. So I have to count the cash by hand every month, it’s very painful because there are a lot of samll bills. But this one helps a lot. Very convenient and easy to use.
Christian Goulet Christian Goulet
Without Printer
Reliable and superior to more expensive machines
Great product at a great price. Its five years in the tropics and still running strong.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Works great saves time!
Build quality is great, as is the coin-counter from the same maker that I purchased, and are both much better than others
remodeler remodeler
With Printer
Awesome Money Counter Machine
I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend, He loves it, and uses it daily! It was easy to figure out, and so far a great product we have no complaints.
Wes Wes
With Printer
Accurate and time saving for any business.
Very easy to use ! It is accurate as you can see from the video , and plus . You just put money on top , and it detects if it is fake $ and also make sure it counts correctly . And the build quality but good . Plus it is not loud . I love it !!
Brandy Brandy
Don’t know why I waited so long
It does everything including adding up totals through easily set denominations, auto-start/stop for regular, preset, and/or custom batches.
Franklin Penner Franklin Penner
Buy this now, saves time and very accurate.
I like this product because it delivers on everything they promise. If you get this product you will not be disappointed. I would have liked an external display screen but that’s just my preference.
Eddie Grimes Eddie Grimes
Without Printer
Made counting money fun again
I love the sound of a good money counter… Highly recommended!

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