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Joseph Solomito Joseph Solomito
Great Little Machiene
I really love this little powerhouse. We have a very active small root beer stand/fast food restaurant. We serve between 100 and 150 ice -containing beverages per day and we also needed enough ice to keep our eight-head beverage dispensing system cold. I was very skeptical because our refrigeration maintenance company wanted to sell me a unit that was over $6000. That was beyond our present budget. I wasn't sure something this inexpensive would do the trick but it sure does!. As has been noted in other reviews, the ice bin is relatively small and you do have to either move the ice to the front or remove it entirely or else the sensor will detect that the bin is full and stop making ice. For our use, this is not a problem since we routinely transfer large amounts of ice to the soda fountain which serves to keep the drinks cold as they are being served and also serves as an ice bin to put ice in the cups. As fast as we remove it, it fills up with a new load every 15 minutes. We have not even come close to running out. I highly recommend this unit. The only downside is that the ice cubes do not break apart into individual cubes spontaneously. They drop into the bin as a small sheet of ice cubes attached together. This is not that big a deal. I keep a small meat tenderizer hammer in the bin and we just tap the blocks of cubes and they fall apart nicely. For my money, that is a small price to pay to get a unit that produces ice this quickly and so economically.
Daril Daril
Great ice maker.
Great easy to install make all the ice I need and quiet
Ivy Owens Ivy Owens
Great ice machine, family loves it
Super easy to use and family loves the clear ice
TJ's TJ's
Love this !!!! Highly Recommend
Great ice maker. Wish the ice bin was larger to maximize the capabilities of the machine.
Ronald Leong Ronald Leong
I am 100% satisfied with my service by this company.
Frederick L Bollen Frederick L Bollen
Get an ice maker!
Installed and has been making ice for going on 3 weeks now and so far so good. Install was easy, just needed to attach the supplied adapter and water line to a shut off valve, run the drain and plug in...….
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great Value - Great Ice Fast
Works as advertised and makes all the ice I need.
Catherine Schneider Catherine Schneider
Like my ice maker
For the money I feel it was a great purchase considering the amount of ice I go thru. But only time will tell, and I will update review if it doesn't hold up.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Make Great ICE
Purchased this ice maker and am very pleased with it's performance.
Dboy Jones Dboy Jones
Great icemaker
The ice melts VERY SLOWLY but when it melts it automatically turns back on and fills the bin like your ice maker in the refrigerator.

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