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Paula Paula
55 L
Awesome product
What a great refrigerator/freezer cooler. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I was so excited to try it out for our camping trip. We'll I forgot the plug for the electrical outlet. So we used the car plug to keep it cool. The cooler held the temperature great. We had to use the car plug a couple of times a day but I strongly recommend this product.
Dorothy Palmore Dorothy Palmore
Very accurate
Very accurate
Troy D. Troy D.
Good value
I purchased this portable refrigerator for a van conversion. I think it represents a good value for light use. Comparison refrigerators of higher quality are over $1000.My first observations for performance were good. From 70° to 34° in about 15 minutes on the refrigerator side-- phenomenal really. And then the freezer portion took about 35 to 40 minutes to get down to zero.The longer this runs, the less the differential there is between set temperature and actual temperature. At first the fluctuations were fairly large – in the 8 to 10° range.Initial usage showed pretty close to 80 watts of power being used. Once this is up to temperature and has been running for a while my average usage has been around 35 Watts. In eco-mode it can drop down to 24 to 25 watts on 12 volt.The biggest thing I notice on eco-mode is the temperature difference is greater. 35 Watts on "Max" mode is not bad though.The unit certainly runs a lot more than my standard household refrigerator, and I hear the fan more than I hear the compressor. There are some minor vibrations, but nothing major.I actually think once this is loaded up with food it will probably cycle less, as the contents will give back some cold. I also think it would benefit greatly with some extra insulation. I'm going to do a pull out drawer in my van, and will add 1 to 1-1/2 inches of some rigid foam insulation, which should help the cycling. I think this is running probably half the time, as opposed to one third of the time. That's what I recall from my higher end fridges from previous vans. Bottom line is it's just not as efficient at holding the cold.The app works very well, and was very easy to connect. About the only thing I'd like to see is cumulative energy usage for the day, but I have some other meters that can determine that.I did buy the five-year assurance plan, just in case this unit decides to fizzle out within a few years. My understanding is they last about two years of heavier use before the compressor goes
Victor T. Victor T.
Equipo de frío práctico.
Un muy buen equipo, práctico seguro y de fácil transporte manual, requiere una buena potencia de batería pues si nos detenemos, debemos hacerlo con el motor encendido. En resumen; buena compra a buen precio para su tamaño y prestaciones.
Michelle Morgan Michelle Morgan
45 L
Great buy!
Gave to boyfriend for Christmas. He put it in his work van and loves it. No more soggy sandwiches. He accidentally set it too cold once and this thing will freeze stuff. Lol. Great buy!
Badsey Badsey
Get the App to set the temp range.
Got the 50L to replace and Engel and I actually prefer this better. Lighter and has an interior light. Top opens the shorter way which helps. Better at freezing than as a refridge. I set it at 37-38deg F to keep things from freezing.Get the app to set the temp range. If I won't connect with Bluetooth, turn your phone off and restart.Excellent value and I am thinking of buying the smaller 40L or 30L one. The 50L is fairly large and an excellent value.
Duane Midgett Duane Midgett
Good price
Wirth the money
Tim White Tim White
So far so good
Bouncing in semi and so far so good. Can change temp on your phone.
Lucas Lucas
55 L
This 12v refrigerator cooler is great , works well , has app and is Bluetooth controlable and very easy user interface
Christina king Christina king
Good for truck drivers
Hubby is a truck driver and is gone for long periods of time so he stocks up on food for 3-4 weeks at a time. He originally had a mini deep freezer like you can get for your home, just smaller. It did well for almost two years but eventually the rough roads he travels sometimes ruined it. This one is designed much better than the normal mini deep freezer and makes it much easier to access your stuff. It uses less voltage than the typical deep freezer, and it can be monitored with an app. He loves it and it���s one of his favorite investments for his truck. Keeps things plenty cold and frozen solid. If you plan on filling it to the brim, freeze fresh food in small batches or in a separate freezer because it can only freeze so much so quickly. But once frozen it stays at a nice -4�� unless he changes it.

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