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Edward Sawyer Edward Sawyer
So far so good
With the LG compressor I can make ice with this
Derrick Washington Derrick Washington
Would repurchase this item
Good product!
Wicked witch Wicked witch
Size, and reliability
I am a truck driver, I love this freezer, gives me extra food storage and I don't have to worry about it spoiling. Compact size makes it a perfect addition.
Maria Green Maria Green
Works Very well. Cooled room temp 1/2 rack in under an hour
Works amazing, very low wattage. Got cold so fast I was amazed, actually cooled a half a rack in under an hour, that's a room temp half rack. Those cans with mountains that turn blue get and stay Navy a long time before turning baby... All in all the coolest thing I've bought in a Coors age.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Works well wish it had a little more room but it fits our small space
Dc connector is very loose in sockets but works very well on ac
Excellent cooling
Have taken this on two different car trips. Holds temperature very well, Has very good capacity for it's size and uses very little portable battery power during the times I was not on vehicle power. Couldn't get the app to work though. That didn't hamper performance.
Stephen Wallace Stephen Wallace
Good addition to our mini camper
I purchased this refrigerator/freezer to use in a mini camper. Unit seems well built with the exception of the power input which seems a little flimsy. Just be careful unplugging it. Has not broke but hasn’t been used a lot yet either. While plugged into the cigarette style outlet it doesn’t run without the car running sometimes, as it comes up with a voltage error even when I know the car battery is fully charged. Once the car is started it clears the error code and resumes operating normally. The voltage meter seems to be off by almost a full volt when compared to a check with a multi-meter which is probably the reason it misbehaves now and then. On the 120v adapter plugged into the cars built in inverter which is connected to the same battery as the cigarette lighter style outlet it runs flawlessly and has not yet killed my battery even when left on overnight. Controls are fairly easy to use. Has a USB port so you can still charge your phone if it’s plugged in to the cigarette lighter. I have not downloaded the app that goes with this fridge/freezer. It is extremely quite, you really have to be listening for this thing to hear it and if there is any background noise you won’t hear it. It will keep ice cream frozen even in 90* temps I switch back and forth from a freezer to fridge depending on what I have inside it. It will freeze ice cubes also but does take about 4-5 hrs to get completely solid cubes. We use big cubes. Temperature seems to be fairly accurate if I set it to 29* by the end of a long days drive my soda will just be slightly slushy that’s with me in and out of it grabbing other cold soda’s as needed.
Bradford Archer Bradford Archer
Great fridge for the car!
Great fridge / freezer. I use it in my car and in runs only off the car's single battery. I just have to start the car once every couple days to replenish the cars battery, which is nothing since I always use my car. I am just using the cigarette port too!
Pcm Pcm
Excellent portability. Perfect in my motorhome; just need to be sure to leave proper clearance around unit so internal cooling fan operates properly. Can plug into 12V "car lighter" socket; I chose to wire direct into a separate fused onboard battery/solar circuit. Truly a great find for the price; compare with units at 3X the price.
Tim Tim
great 12v fridge for the price !!!
great 12v fridge for the price ! works as advertised! very low power consumption and noise!compared with competitors, this is a great deal, financial wise !pros:price , power consumption, display , accurate temp management, light weightcons:lid closing system , no app , cheap plasticbut I would def buy again because of the good price

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