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TommyLI TommyLI
Exceptional car cooler
Works really well, great for longer road trips. On our recent 10 hour drive it did fantastic at keeping everything cold in fact I didn't expect it to really get that cold but if you turn the temp really low, it will freeze water bottles (my mistake for lowering the temp too low). Also very quiet, about as loud as a desktop computer fan. It is able to plug into lighter outlet in car as well as an a/c outlet in the house (or rv if you have it). The wireless bluetooth connection is nice to monitor the unit when it's at the back end of the car out of reach or sight. Highly recommend.
Vicky2 Vicky2
The refrigerator is working well, no issues with it so far.
Patrick Patrick
Great unit
Wish I purchased larger works great used on a five day trip and kept everything at a perfect temp. We have had no issues and we’ll worth the money
Kona Kona
Awesome fridge works as advertised, quick shipping to Hawaii and great price.the app for fridge works great to keep a eye from a distance.
Rugged dual-zone unit that exceeded expectations Rugged dual-zone unit that exceeded expectations
Vevor 55L Auto Fridge/Freezer Review
I chose the Vevor 55L portable fridge/freezer when my home fridge's compressor gave up, and it singlehandedly managed to store every long-term item (sauces, seasonings, and so on) I needed it to. That's not to say that it's of infinite capacity, but 55L does make it one of the largest on the market which retains portability. The variable power supply options are extremely useful as the unit can be powered on 12V, 24V, or wall current alike- making it usable in the home, a car, a boat, or even a custom setup using a car battery and solar panel. The unit cleans out very easily without tipping (which isn't advised with compressor systems). The upper compartment won't freeze when used as a freezer, but the main section drops its temperature in a very satisfactory manner. So if you're looking for a full 55L of freezer this won't quite fit the bill, but for anyone else this is ideal as you can freeze a good 45L and have probably 10L of fridge space.
Larry Larry
Just used it for the first trip and I'm quite satisfied. Forgot to plug it in one day and the temp went from. 1º to 24º after being unplugged for 8-9 hours. Food was still hard frozen! Impressive.
brickyard brickyard
I live in florida,,, (love it) our new refer/Freezer is really rather amazing. We thought would take forever to cool cown,,, not so,,,10 minutes after turned on already down in 30's. We've had about a month and works great
Jamie R Mckinney Jamie R Mckinney
perfect 12 volt/110 fridfe
bought this to use in my boat and my truck, worked great on my 3 day weekend camping trip, matched it with a 50 Amp solar panel worked flawless all weekend
Simon Ndiritu Simon Ndiritu
Nice little portable real refrigerator
A miniature refrigerator that is working just fine for me in the truck. It's a true fridge and NOT the type that uses a fan to cool. I'm able to adjust the temperature using an app on my phone connected via Bluetooth. I like it.
Gary Silvernell Gary Silvernell
1.94cu.ft 12v/110v Lg Compressor Mini Refrigerator 110-240v(ac) Compact Cooler

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