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Waldemar Waldemar
Spettacolare ottimo prodotto qualità prezzo
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Perfect for our needs
My dog is on a special diet so I have to cook her food which I do in quantity and freeze it. We have taken several road trips with this fridge/freezer and used it to keep her food frozen along the way. We have a plug in the car so it works well in the SUV for travel. My husband and I have used it on shorter road trips for cold drinks and snacks.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Easy to use and cools nicely
We've had ours for a couple of weeks as I write this. Currently we're not doing any road trips but we have been using the fridge to keep drinks cool on the porch so that delivery people can help themselves. It's been keeping things cool nicely. As of yet we haven't tried to keep anything frozen in it.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Life changer for trips and cabin.
I have used this six or seven times in the three months I've had it. Love it. It hold plenty for two people for two or thee days. I pre-chill beverages the night before, then throw a frozen water bottle in there. Very good insulation as the frozen water bottle keeps things at my 38 degree set temp for a very long time. I then hook this up to my solar 12V at cabin. Uses around 35 watts when compressor is running.
Dickie Borel Dickie Borel
Great product!
It displays in F and not just C, the low voltage shut off is awesome and overall it’s extremely quiet. Literally right behind me in my extended cab truck less than 3’ from my ears you could BARELY hear it at best.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Great value
Great customer service. I had a small issue, and they replaced it with a whole new unit. Even better is the refrigerator. I run this full time in my Jeep. So handy always having ice cold water.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Works as intended and draws very little power.
Bought this to test out a fridge before committing to a Dometic or an ARB. Told myself that I would upgrade when this inevitably died. Two years later, it's still kicking. Draws very little power. Currently hooked up to my Jackery 300 and able to run for a couple days without starting the car or recharging the Jackery.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
The instructions need some work.
It works great! Quick recovery. The instructions are ridiculous. It's a flyer that covers ALL of their models. I got the Bluetooth working by accident. The instructions refer to a button it doesn't have. Also, there is no USB port as promised. Amazon is correcting that for the manufacturer. Would I buy it again? Sure. It's built extremely well, and you'll find nothing cheap about it. Customer service is in the witness protection program.
Michael C. Michael C.
Do not buy the one with wheels restricts air flow
I had purchased one with the wheels 1st and noticed it had a hard time cooling down in warm weather 85゚and above the one without the wheels is excellent in cooling down
Marty Marty
storm prep
I thought for the price it was probably built the same as a higher end fridge, it seems sturdy and was quiet during my 3 day test run. It did freeze water bottles over night, Nice! I like the fact that the handle sorta guards the control panel, which is easy to understand and work, I did find that the rack rattled at first then quieted down,I cut some vinyl tubing i had with a id of the same wire of the rack and made bumpers No Rattle now! I had a major concern at first with shipping and handling the shipping label from Vevor was put on the bottom of the box, that meant the fridge was shipped to me upside down, not a good thing to do to a compressor, I let it sit upright for 24 hrs. before starting the unit, Luckily it seems to run Great, as of yet have not used the app.

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