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Robb getts Robb getts
The unit arived quick and looks good and seems to be in good shape and is what I’ve been looking for should do the trick
Bonez Bonez
Very impressed with the power of this magnet. The thicker the metal the better the holding power. Wish I had purchased sooner, would have made a lot of the jobs easier.
Zdenek Ulman Zdenek Ulman
Great product and great service on the company I have a lot of use on these magnets and they perform 100%
Robert Robert
Works great haven't had any issues thus far.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Wish I knew then what I know now.
I bought 2 of them. And man they work awesome. My company install wearhouse equipment, in and around the buildings here in south Florida for 25 years now. God I feel so old when I say that. Lol for the first 20 years I just man handled everything thinking I was still 25. Then I lifted something I shouldn't have. Crushed my l3 and l4 and It paralyzed my left leg from the knee down. After surgery and a long recovery I realized I needed a easier and safer way to install my equipment. I bought 2 600 lbs to see if they were any good and if they would do the heavy lifting with my forklifts. The things I have lifted and moved around just amazed me. After a few days of showing my guys how I wanted safety procedures Implemented while using this equipment. I bought 1 more 600 lbs and 3, 1000 lbs and want to buy 3, 4000 lbs. One for each of my trucks. My guys now fight over who's trucks the magnetics belong in. Really makes are job so much easier. If you work with metal and steel I absolutely recommend the magnetic lifts.
ol' Roy ol' Roy
This magnet is a backsaver!
Great price even if it is imported. Works exactly as advertised. Make lifting sheets of steel WAY WAY safer and easier. Buy the recommended capacity magnet for the job you have in mind and you’ll be happy. We use in our farm shop.
Allen S Allen S
This magnet is bad ass. Attach it to plate which is always hard to handle and heavy. This magnet grips it and does not let go. Much needed if you are working with heavy pieces of metal.
Mark Mark
Very Happy
tonya tonya
Very satisfied
Bought this for my son he said it worked great in the shop.
Mr Milwaukee Mr Milwaukee
Great for metal lifting
I wanted this product to lift plate and other metals that were hard to get a strap on. So far it works great. I also wanted to use it for picking up welding rods and small scraps and it works well for that to. I went ahead and ordered a smaller version for rods and scraps and it works great also . Ch

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