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Art Herrera Art Herrera
Silver 4 L
Great travel option for craft brews
Good product and quality. If you plan on keeping it in the fridge make sure you have space in the height as you can't lay it down and dispense your beer. Screw in cCO2 cartridges seem to be scares at the moment so get them in bulk when possible. I recommend this product if interested.
KJK6300 KJK6300
Red 4 L
Bought as gift
The gifted, said they love it and they're using it a lot. Hopefully they don't become
Tom Tom
Red 5 L
Works great, my Wife has already had it filled a couple of times and her seltzer kept bubbly for over a week. She loves it!
Elliot Elliot
Black 4 L
A present to myself
Only recently unboxed and assembled. So, this is first impressions only. I'll update the review if I have further observations.Caught this on a nice promotion, but even at the regular price, it's priced pretty reasonably for these things. Construction and components seem to be of good quality and well machined. It assembled smoothly. No burrs or rough edges. I'll take it all apart, give it a good cleaning and lube the o-rings before putting it into service. Instructions could be better, but it's not that hard to figure out and realistically, not necessary.The only thing it lacks is something to keep the lid associated with the keg, so it doesn't get lost when using the tap/regulator assembly. But, that seems easy enough to MaGuyver.I like the texture to the black paint. I was expecting it to be a smooth surface on the exterior, but I actually like this better.Can't comment on how the regulator functions just yet, but I'll update my review if it seems particularly awesome or awkward.Again, first impressions, but so far I'm very pleased and would recommend it.
Anglik Anglik
Red 5 L
Buen producto
Si corresponde a la publicación, llegó en perfecto estado
David David
Black 8 L
My growler
Easy to assemble and easy to clean .I only used the growler three times with no problem. It kept the tea nice and cold. Left the valve open let the gas out. It was a minor problem.
Ashley S. Ashley S.
Black 4 L
Does the job
My husband uses this for home brewing. It does the job and he is able to easily share what he has made! Though it is hard to clean and the valve for the carbonation is very touchy.
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Dave Dave
Black 8 L
so much fun
this is great and perfect for a small party. sturdy, light and fits into a cooler to keep cold. I have also use it with pop
Greg G Greg G
Black 8 L
Works well!!!
Made a home brew and did some in this growler and bottled the rest. Took about a day to carbonate which is really exciting! It nearly used one full co2 cartridge to carbonate. But it worked well and I could have fresh beer sooner. Would recommend to anyone! Convenient to take to parties or get togethers.
Terry Ingram Terry Ingram
Silver 5 L
Liked the first one so much - I now have 3 others
Work great and two units fit in my small refrigerator so I always have a cold one on hand.

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