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Brantley Brantley
Quality is much better than I expected. We use this booth at least every other week for 4-6 hours at a time and it has withstood the use for 2 months now. Blowers are very powerful. The exhaust could use some upgrades. We spray more paint than most probably do, so take this with a grain of salt, but we could not use it without adding our own ventilation system.
PDQ equipment PDQ equipment
Bought to use at high production shop so far so good hung lights inside and it works great! I would recommend this to anyone looking to use for hobby , light manufacturing or diyers . Vevor and its products have becoming a fan favorite for us as a business , personal and everyday items .
Aaron Ludwig Aaron Ludwig
King of DIY
Thrilled with my inflatable paint booth purchase! Fast shipping, high quality materials, fair pricing. I have set it up several times, easy up and down. See my Instagram for several pictures: aaron_ludwig_woodworking. I would upload images, but Vevor does not appear to accept iPhone pictures or Instagram video links…
Gregory Foushi Gregory Foushi
The paint booth worked great! I would highly recommend one to anybody needing to paint in a nice clean contained area.
Brent Sims Brent Sims
Baton Rouge Painter
I love it is easy to use, efficient and convenient. I would recommend to anyone who wants to do a large job but doesn’t want a permanent building.
edgar edgar
Bad product
Air vent is falling apart and there’s no air filters on the roof exits.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer ,
Sorry for the inconvenience has caused to you .

You can contact customer service for support, and we are always working on improving product quality.
Any questions,welcome to contact us !

Best regards,
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Works good. Does what it says. Only complaint is it should come with more stakes to secure to the ground.
Dr. Barnacle Luffy Dr. Barnacle Luffy
I never intended to use as paint booth, but it worked great as a portable pool enclosure!
I never intended using it as a paint booth. I needed to exercise and do to my age swimming was the best exercise for me. But I live in a remote area. So, I bought a portable pool. Turns out that where I live is 119F in the summer and you're supposed to keep your exposure to the sun minimal. So, I bought a tarp and rigged a cable to lift it off the pool when I wanted to swim. Letting it down when finished to keep the dirt, leaves and bugs out of the pool. So my first day, big smile, in my speedos and as I climb into the pool I am attacked by black flies and dear flies. (Not fun) Almost a year went by with no swimming... Then I saw the add for the paint booths on Amazon and the light bulb came on. Did do dilagence and bought the 20 footer.Super happy I did. Will probably make PVC supports filled with Aircrete in the future so that it doesn't completely colapse. For those who wonder how I do laps in a 14 foot pool, I swim against a bungy cord attached to my waist... If they let me edit this review then I might add some photos at a later date. ;)
Brenda Vawter Brenda Vawter
Easy set up.
Painting old gas pumps, didn't have anyplace to do it, this is just what was needed.
Dean L. Reyburn Dean L. Reyburn
Easy and fast setup
Works great as a woodworking spray booth. Quick setup and take down

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