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Jab free Jab free
It's fast, and it's a good keep your fingers away from my gun deterrent for kids especially. It's easy to program fingerprints. The bad, is it doesn't pop open, yes it unlocks quickly, but you have to lift the cover, whereas allot of these type safes open fully when unlocked. And the top cover seems a bit thin, and there are no mounting holes to screw it to something. It will keep out kids, but wouldn't stop a thief for long. It serves my purposes well, I drilled 4 holes in the bottom and screwed it to the night stand.
Jerry Hickman Jerry Hickman
Customer service
I had it for quite some time . Then it opened but wouldn’t close and the key would not turn. All the electronics worked fine but you couldn’t close it. They sent another one and I didn’t have to send the other one back. That surprised me, so I give 5 stars for customer service.
Bob Bob
Excellent, for the money
I like it. Very quick access and just right size. Fits my Sig 229 with couple extra mags just fine.
SteveD SteveD
Does what it needs to do
I bought two of these for my truck, one for my gun and the other for my ammo. There are several ways to get into this safe, with the key, the code, or the RFID key fob. I'm using just the code on the front.
holla2040 holla2040
Can't beat it for the price!!!
I use this everyday. Works flawlessly. Recommend.
Youssef Lawrafi Youssef Lawrafi
This car safe is amazing!
So far I’m happy with it. The only issue was the programming key fob was tricky but I did get it to work.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Very useful!
This worked well for us. Happy with my purchase.
Mr Hill Mr Hill
Must buy!!!!
It was very easy to configure, no issues and works great. Easy fingerprint reader and access to content.
Shantay Shantay
Great customer service, decent safe
Take your time setting it up then open it a dozen times with the fingers you will be programming and it works flawlessly.
spruggie spruggie
Great for couples
We love this safe. We were able to save both my husband's and my fingerprint and both our handguns fit inside. The light inside is really convenient for opening in the night to chose which gun to take out and load.

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