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Brian N Roman Brian N Roman
Nice sound
My son has special needs. This is one of the therapies we use to help him.
Missy Missy
This a requested gift!
This was a requested from parents that was well achieved by child. Has a great sound!
Joy collins Joy collins
Very portable, unique & relaxing instrument for all ages.
Laurie C. Morrill Laurie C. Morrill
Perfect gift for the child that loves music.
My granddaughter age 8 loves this drum. She learns new songs daily. The carrying case is perfect for taking it to school or to sleepovers at Nannie’s house.
Sasha bowlin Sasha bowlin
Loved it just as described
mary melia mary melia
nice drum
very soothing soung .i enjoy playing it before bed or whenever i need to it.
Rusty Rusty
Happy sounds
This has been a joyful addition to a family member. She loves to play it daily. (her mother however is not as "pleased" as I, LOL) It is a quality instrument. The booklet and instructions were easy enough for a 7 year old. The sound quality is quite good.
Crashesgal Crashesgal
Great steel drum
I ordered this for my 16 year old grandson that plays the drums, and various other instruments in band. He played it 6-8 hours the first day he received it according to his dad. He loves it. It has a soothing sound so dad was crawling the walls. It's kind of a nice windchime sound when played. I think for the money it was a win win. I would recommend it and plan on purchasing another for a friend.
Kyle exwhy Kyle exwhy
Best item ever purchased
I take this to work daily and perform with it as well and use it at home I love this thing!
ConJam ConJam
Impressed beginner
To be honest, I was initially going to send this drum back. It wasn’t the color I had ordered, and it sounded “tinny”. The color wasn’t really that important to me, so I gave it a try. At first, it didn’t seem to sound that great, but once I figured out where to hit the tongues, I really started to enjoy playing it. I have a musical background, so learning to play songs was easy, and I have been making up my own as well.It came with a nice carrying case, booklet (not very helpful), rubber mallets, and 4 rubber finger thingys. The finger things are tight, and you have to hit the drum on a certain spot for it to sound halfway decent, so I will stick to the mallets. The tongues were numbered, I used a tuning app and put letters for the notes on it. The notes are C, D, E, F, G, A, & A#. I have been playing it all the time, and I want to get a couple different sizes. Do not discount this drum just because it is mass produced versus handmade! It works very well for the price.

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