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Betty Betty
Excellent product 10/10
My first ever furnace and I had my doubts and fears - luckily it is SUPER easy to use. Thought at first that the polystyrene packaging had gotten into the bottom of the furnace but I soon figured out it was the insulation!
Blanche Blanche
Very good for beginners
Item got here quick, came with everything i needed, i tested it with copper and found that the crucible had a nice groove in it for the tongs that made it very easy to pour. It took about an hour to get up to temp. Done a great job.
Bonnie Bonnie
most user friendly smelter
It is so easy and user friendly. It is literally plug and play. Manual was super easy to understand. Great starter furnace as well as for the experts. So happy i bought another one for gold. Customer Service is amazing emailed on an issue that was my fault and they responded within a few hours.
Brenda Brenda
Love the furnace!!
We purchased this for our teenage son. It is absolutely perfect. He has been wanting a metal foundry for a long time and I’m incredibly pleased with not only the furnace but also the customer service.
Camille Camille
Good for learning
I have nothing to compare to it's our first. My 13 and 18 yr old boys are having a blast learning and exploring with it. They have not run into any problems yet, and have used it several times since we got it two weeks ago.
Candice Candice
Perfect for casting
Did a perfect job of melting silver for casting. Wear eye protection when pouring. That crucible goes from black to sun blasting hot red lol.
Carina Carina
Happy customer
The Minor problem I had has been addressed.the seller really has went above and beyond to help make sure I'm happy with the product and I am very pleased.thanks alot you can count on me as a returning customer.
Carmen Carmen
Great product. Exemplary customer relations!
This works very well and the temperature control is accurate enough to alleviate worry of overheating. I am happy that they make smaller capacity crucibles for it. The seller has been extremely diligent in making sure I am satisfied!
Carol Carol
It works well
I like this furnace because it gets to the temperature and holds it pretty consistently. It takes about 45-50 min to get to max temp. The gloves and the tongs work better than I thought they would.
Caroline Caroline
Great furnace for melting precious metals
I was contemplating buying a furnace sure many years. A friend of mine and I went in on buying one and we couldn't be happier. It is larger than shown in the picture and it is a wonderful product and works fabulously. No complaints.

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