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Zion Zion
Love the mixer
This mixer is the perfect size making masa
Zzingy Zzingy
So the first shipment was damaged, a leg was broken off, and the replacement just came and I am pleased. It came completely plastic wrapped and with no visible damage. It is relatively quite while running though it was a little noisier on the highest setting. So far so good, if any changes I will update my review.
Michelle R. Dellecave Michelle R. Dellecave
This mixer kicks it!
This mixer is super fantastic! So sturdy, so fast but yet so quiet! My cookies are fluffier and even better than before. Easy to use but you must know it weights about 150 pounds so not something you move around often! Love this thing for life!
Jose Angel Ochoa Gonzalez Jose Angel Ochoa Gonzalez
they are very punctual
Buy it
It’s is a great mixer and a lot of power
Talysson M Santos Talysson M Santos
Amazing mixer
I really love this food mixer. It was exactly what I needed to make breads and pies. I was apprehensive as I read a lot of reviews about it arriving broken or damaged, but mine arrived in perfect condition.
Penny Hinds Penny Hinds
Very easy to use and set, love all the safety features
easy to use, even for a beginner!
Gregory S. Young Gregory S. Young
Great value for an awesome mixer
Runs great right out of the box. Very quiet even in the same room. The hardest thing about this mixer is getting it out of the crate.
Steve Steve
It worked just fine for me.
It worked fine. My wife is happy to have and use it for the stuff shes making. However, the capacity is a little bit off from what I expected. It can only 10lb of flour plus what other things that goes with the dough.
zuyalis uzcategui zuyalis uzcategui
Es bastante grande y muy fácil de usar y limpiar! Excelente!!

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