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Ted Ted
This heater is being used on a enclosed back porch. It work's as stated. Ya'll tube is full of videos about this item. I would suggest purchaseing a fuel filter and an external power supply if you don't want to be connected to a battery. I like the remote that comes with it. The Main control box located on the front is a wheel type control. You set it from 1 to 6 depending on your desired heat output. 1 being around 9000 BTU's and 6 being at 18,000 BTU's (constant output). This is not a thermostat, just a selector knob. Would i buy another one? Yes.
Travis Y Travis Y
Pretty good for the money!
This thing puts out really good heat for the money. I'm using this thing for camping out of a roof top tent. Added a lawn mower fuel filter to the fuel line, fiber glass wrap to the exhaust, and hooked a ventilation hose up to run it into my tent and good to go. Haven't camped over night with it yet but did a 6 hour test run on it to see how everything works. Really warm heat! Directions are tough, controller isn't user friendly but simple enough to figure out. Make sure you prime it before using it. And if your hooking it up to a solar/battery generator. You may need to get a convertor. I have a Jackery and it wouldn't start up on the d/c side. Pulls to much power to start. But once it's running it has a very minimal power pull. Once I plugged it in on the a/c side ran like a champ.
Wiliam baer Wiliam baer
This is an awsome little heater I have been running mine non stop for weeks now. I just fill it up with fuel and it runs great
Adam Adam
Overall one of the better heaters out there.
We put this heater in an ice house. The compact size made it easy to install and not take up a-lot of room. With the six settings, six being the highest. We run the heater on 1 and 2 setting at all times. Plenty warm. Over 12 hours of consistent running we only burned like half a gallon of diesel, very efficient. My only complaint is the pumps clicking noise can get annoying at times. It’s kinda loud but we used sound damping stuff to help with it. I would not hesitate to buy another one of these heaters. If it had a more silent pump. As for the heater it’s self? It sounds like a house furnace. Just loud enough to know it’s running.
Mike Mike
Great Heater
This heater was easy to set up and startup was simple. I've had it running daily in my work shop and also took it tent camping. It kept the tent warm at 28f outside air.
Jimmy Jimmy
Man up
These heaters work great! Installed it in a 20 foot enclosed trailer. Starting temp was 28degrees F inside the trailer and in three hours later it was 64 degrees in the trailer. Worked great for me.
Edward Malarz Edward Malarz
Like it
Great heater, just starting takes about 5 minutes but Great heat instructions are very hard to understand, features are latest say can't comprehend, I know that I can change stuff but ain't going to because it might not work if I do
Scott Scott
Works great for tent heating and external RV heating. I have even set it up to heat my front porch during the winter.
Bob Bob
Heater works
This is what i bought. The VEVOR Diesel Air Heater 8KW, All in One 12V Truck Heater, Parking Heater with Black LCD, Remote Control, Fast Heating Diesel Heater for RV Truck, Boat, Bus, Car Trailer, Motorhomes. Heater works as intended no complaints here! I will be buying another.
Forrest Mckinley Forrest Mckinley
Big shiz
Great product, excellent customer service. Quick shipping. High altitude works great here on Idaho.

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