Alberto Amador Alberto Amador
Que sale buenas las herramientas
Me agrada x que es lo que pedí y económico también es más rápido de comprar
Black Timber Black Timber
It worked, in spite of being bashed during shipping.
This item came in a sturdy box but even so it's frame was damaged in several places. The metal base is strong but was dinged in a few spots and scratched a bit. I wondered if it's parts would be misaligned. I tested it while closely observing the moving parts. It worked well. The fasteners that hold it together were all still tight. I didn't want to go through the hassle of sending it back for the impact dings if it worked. There are plenty attachments and they enabled me to get a variety of watch body shapes reassembled. All in all I like it.
Lisa Large Lisa Large
Great product!
We change a lot of batteries in watches. It makes it so easy to put the backs back on. We had a different press before and this one is so much better and easier to use.
Simon Lim Simon Lim
Very impressed
I was very impressed with this watch press. I used the press to insert a new crystal into my watch and this watch press did a great job apply even pressure to the crystal so it sits flush within the case. I have used other presses in the past with handles and leavers and I found that since the leaver acts as a fulcrum the pressure is not even and it leaves the crystal sitting at an angle. This is especially a concern if you are pressing a domed crystal which has a tendency to be extra difficult to sit flat. The material of the instrument is also very sturdy and heavy duty and I can see it lasting for years without encountering mechanical issues.
Steve Satow Master Jeweler Steve Satow Master Jeweler
Steve Satow - Well Made Watch Press
Well made watch press. Less than 1/2 the reg price. I was very happy with item. Fast on lime delivery.
JGT Burke JGT Burke
Well-made, useful tool.
I use this at work to press watch-backs back on, and it's much better than the cheap lever style case presses. It's extremely well made, sturdy and does the job. There are lots of different sized plastic dies for different watch case sizes and they're fairly sturdy. I was pressing a watch back together and the back didn't want to snap into place, so I pressed a little harder, breaking one of the plastic dies, but the watch was fine...I ordered some aluminum dies for difficult watches, but the plastic ones work in/on most cases. It's an investment I'd make again.

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