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Watch Bezel Removal Opening Repair Tool 52mm Max Effortless Repair Machine

Customer Reviews for Watch Bezel Removal Opening Repair Tool 52mm Max Effortless Repair Machine

Customer Reviews

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Just get it.
Hey there Mr./Mrs. amateur watchmaker who appreciates good tools, and is trying to open a caseback that was torqued down by a horny gorilla. I see you looking through the comments to see if you should:A) Buy this one, and hope it's good enough for nowB) Risk butchering your case back with the opener you got in the crappy $20 watchmakers kitC) Spend 60$ on a slightly less crappy hand opener that might still get a touch slippy, ORC) Spend $$$$$ to step up to the Swiss version, and wait weeks for it to arrive, and hope you use it more than twice in this hobby you are just starting out onDo yourself a favor, and just pull the trigger on this. It's worth at least a Benjamin to avoid bashing your knuckles on your bench vise while spontaneously engraving your vintage caseback with a new spiral motif.Just get it. It's really good. The spindle is precise and well aligned, and the spindle nut adjusts easily to put exactly the straight downward pressure you need on the case back. The case vise is well aligned, and there are multiple options for clamping the case, either from within the lugs (nice), or from the outside of the case.Build quality is great for the price. The base plate appears to be cast iron, the spindle is plated mystery steel, and the pillar and vise housing also appears to be mystery steel, not pot metal or aluminum. The pillar housing itself appears to be hollow, but it is plenty rigid. Mine was shipped to my door in 36 hours, and I'm back to work on my project.Overall, I'm extremely happy with this purchase, and I feel pretty confident to revert to this any time the 8 ball doesn't have the oomph.
Anthony Sciarrino Anthony Sciarrino
Great Value For The Money
Very well made and versatile
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
Worth the up front cost
I have numerous divers watches. Most dive watches worth their salt have case backs that are screwed on tight by the manufacturer to assure that they will stand up to their rated optimum depth. You can use a "hand-held" case back removal tool, but you run the risk of scratching the back of the case, which in turn lessens the value of the watch if you decide to sell it at a later date.I have a vintage Seiko Arnie, the original 1984-85 model. It's battery was replaced five years ago and finally stopped working. The cost to ship the watch to Seiko's service center, insuring it and the cost to put in a new battery would cost me at least twice what this device cost me. I have used it so far on ten of my other watches and it does as advertised.Also it would have cost me at least $1500 to buy the Swiss made version. So to say the least I am pleased with my purchase.
techyoda techyoda
Quality Tool
If you work on watches, I highly recommend you buy something like this instead of the cheaper hand openers. You will save your watch case backs from scratches. This tool works well but there were no instructions in the box. I figured it out though.
Theodore Theodore
Five Stars
Well made and shipped on time
Bill Bill
finally, a product that works.
Have been looking for this product for years. Found it, but the price was 986.00 from the Swiss company. Finally found this product for 169.00. Since purchasing, I have not found a single watch that I could not open. Worth every penny.
Es61 Es61
No more scratches
This tool will put an end to scratched up watch backs i have a lot of waterproof watches but even if you have only one or two don’t mar up watches worth hundred s with a $8 tool make this wise investment it will open the hardest case back with ease this tool works really well
Cachucha Cachucha
Great tool!
Works as expected. Great product for the price. I have been able to open many different watches with no problem at all. Very happy with this purchase.
Rocky Ridge Line Rocky Ridge Line
Easy to Use with Multiple Watches
The press is machined very well to very high standards. The quality of manufacturing is impressive. The dies are marked in mm and are easy to change. Once the back is ready to be replaced loading up the watch and turning the press is as simple as it gets as it only takes enough pressure to hear the click of the back of the watch engaging. This press is easy to use, easy to change dies, and has the right size and weight to handle any of my watches. This is a well designed and engineered press. MT
Nightshade Nightshade
Nice press. Could use some instructions
This is a high-quality watch press for the money. I would even compare it to Swiss name-brand presses costing far more. It would be helpful if some instructions came with it, however. In the photos, notice the large, flat red metal disc with the knurled edge that's screwed onto the upper jaw of the press. It appears to me that you would only use that as a spacer and support for the single-sided dies for rectangular watches. If you're using a round, two-sided die, you have to remove that disc in order to have enough exposed threads to secure the die to the upper jaw. In the photos, the press has a thick, threaded flat aluminum die installed on both upper and lower jaws hiding the screw threads. That configuration could be useful for pressing things besides watches together, perhaps while glue is drying. Also, the seller's description says the press is cast iron. I'd say it's actually mostly anodized aluminum with some steel parts. I don't see any parts that look like cast iron. Anyway, it's all precision-machined and very well made. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. Gave it four stars only because of the lack of instructions and somewhat inaccurate description.

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