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Linda Matlock Linda Matlock
7 inch
Perfect for the job!
Very happy with my purchase! Best electric saw I've used. Cut 5" concrete with 1/2" bar no problems.
Julia landa Julia landa
7 inch
The real deal
I used this tool for a remodel and I needed to run 3/4 pvc electrical conduit in the floors. This tool is awesome and gets the job done with no dust! I would recommend using ear and eye protection while using the tool. Be prepared to spray out or use a wet shop vac to get rid of the excess water that is discharged from the pump. I placed the small water pump in a 5 gallon bucket and then just kept filling up the bucket when it would get low. Word of advice while using this tool, patients … it gets the job done, but slowly. Overall I am very happy with this tool.
Anonymous Anonymous
Sometimes you get more than you pay for!
This is one of the best tools that I’ve owned for the price. I purchased it to cut lines in a sidewalk that is over 4” thick and it did a really nice job. Blade takes a while to speed up and slow down. I rest my elbows on my knees when cutting and the weight of the tool is reasonable, even comfortable.The cut is very satisfying. Don’t be in a hurry and if the blade gets bogged down, pause momentarily to let it speed back up.The plug gets hot after continuous use. I’d recommend giving the saw a break every 30 minutes or so. Not sure what the “duty cycle” is on the motor.The water delivery system is similar to my tile saw. Try taping to hose to the cord to help keep it out of your way.
SdlewisSr SdlewisSr
Pleased with this saw!
For starters, the yellow socket thing is missing. Not sure what I would need it for anyway. The cord is about 9 feet 6 inches long. The water hose is about 16 feet 10 1/2 inches long with an outside diameter of 5/16 inch and an inside diameter of 1/4 inch.I used the saw to widen a brick and mortar doorway. It did not bog down at all. Once the blade is up to speed it cuts very well. I did not use the water pump. I was concerned about using the water when using the saw above my head. I did not want to take the chance of the water running down into the saw housing.I'm very pleased with this saw and the price was just right!!!
Sergio favela Sergio favela
It’s Lil bit heavy compared to my old gas power saw but happy with the product
I’m a professional landscape builder,I bought this unit as an emergency because my old unit was acting up in the middle of a job so I decided to buy a new one,so far I’m really glad I got this product it keeps on going,well deserved 5stars.
Cut-50 Plasma Cutter
Purchased this for cutting concrete for my husband's business. Best saw he's ever had!!
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Best Buy, best value
I used this saw to cut and break up 4-5" concrete. Worked well, comparable to gas channel saws
Marc Hafner Marc Hafner
Too small for forging/blacksmithing
This is a good saw for cutting brick. It’s a little heavy and at first was surprised by the low tork. This turned out to be a good thing, as the blade takes a few seconds to spin up to speed but doesn’t spin out of your hand if it binds. Once up to speed it cuts fine, and is as accurate as the user is careful.I used it to cut the brick from a window that I was turning into a door.
luc girard luc girard
la qualitee du produit
c'est vraiment ca que je cherchais bonne qualitee prix
Juaneal Juaneal
7 inch
This saw is lightweight with good power. It cuts cleanly and has a good water pump. I like the shutoff valve by the handle and the trigger locking feature.

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