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triphase triphase
WARNING: Risk of serious injury for Adults using this unit!
We tested this unit with many different adults with different body shapes and proportions. Women, men, dancers, gymnasts, aerialists, yoga teachers. All of them had exactly the same problem with this unit with many reporting knee joint pain after first use!!This unit has a major design flaw in that the point at which it applies maximum pressure to spread the legs is almost perfectly centered on the medical meniscus (part of knee joint), which is the absolute worst place you can possibly apply force to.We are not testing this on disproportionately tall people. The picture shown is representitive of almost every person over 5' tall. The only possibility we can think of is this was designed exclusively for children or an adult user under 5' tall.The point of contact where spreading force is applied is supposed to be on either the thigh above the knee joint or on the lower leg between knee and ankle joints. Concentrated force should NEVER be applied directly perpendicular to any joint.From our testing, the only users that this would be suitable for are children, or users under 4'11" average (or those with dispropotionately short legs).We tried some other versions "designed for western users" and ALL of them had this issue. Some other units had longer leg boards that go on bottom of the lower legs, but the problem with all of these units is the location of the short pads that apply the spreading force.We are not even talking about weak gears, quality issues, etc. This is a MUCH more serious risk of using this unit than losing some money when it breaks.Let us know if you found this information useful, and if it would be helpful to you if we share our modification for these units that fixes this particular issue.
Danny Danny
Fitness Man
This is a well build and nice device to help you open up the legs and be able to gently and patiently progress without injuries. Good buy for a home or gym
K.B. K.B.
Great device
I’ve had another stretch machine with a crank lever instead of a rotary wheel; this design is better, much smoother when you reduce the stretch especially...this device also came mostly assembled and is much more portable
Norman Norman
Awesome product
This simple device works great. It lets my daughter sit up straighter and be more comfortable so she can just sit and stretch for a longer period of time. This really works and you can feel the burn from deep stretches.
Midwest taco Midwest taco
So far so good.
I'm 300lbs. Had to lower the back support to fit in it. Let the couch support my back. It was easy to assemble and adjustable. Me and the kids love it. I have a long way to go.
Theodore Crupi Theodore Crupi
Not a toy
It works as described and it well built. It works as described. No pain no gan.Well worth the effort.
Thrift Buyer Thrift Buyer
easy to use
easy way to improve flexibility.
Rebecca Taylor Rebecca Taylor
It works
High quality product, and the leg rests can extend.
My daughter loves it and challenges herself everyday to go further.
braden locke1 braden locke1
Feeling the pain
Used it about three times so far. I’m probably way too old to ever do the splits but this works much better than passive stretching because you can just use this as a seat. Stretch is uncomfortable enough without having other muscle straining, so this is a great help. Comes mostly assembled and I think there is an extra wheel that it comes with.

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