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Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great Deal For The Price
Great item for changing springs in and out.-Michael Pollard
Ray Ray
Make sure you have enough clearence between your shock body and coil.
The tool is is pretty good at safely compressing springs. The only downfall is it wont work if the coil is narrow And the shock body is wide. The arms of the tool end up hitting the shock body before you can compress it enough. Still, it gets a solid 4 stars for the value. The name brand spring compressors sell for 10 times as much and up.
Corey Hansen Corey Hansen
Works great
Arrived very fast and worked exactly as advertised.
Michael J Badamo Michael J Badamo
Works Great
It is the perfect tool for doing springs on struts !!!! Couldn't be happier !!! MB
Brent Dorsett Brent Dorsett
Works Great!!
Makes spring compression a breezeI did rear shocks on a 2010 Toyota car, so far so good!
Michael Rafuse Michael Rafuse
Better then it's price point
A good powerhouse. Little on the janky side with the levers, but does the job and does it well. Definitely bolt the sucker down, or atleast tie it down to something when using it. It's a little top heavy with the shock installed. Otherwise, for the price, I have no real concerns or complaints.
Evans Valme Evans Valme
overall satisfied
It took some times to arrive, I wish it could come faster. That is the only inconvenient, but I do understand with the virus everything have been moving in a slower paste. But I haven't use it so far, due to work activities, it is already assembled and looks good!

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