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Richard Marsh Richard Marsh
25 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Value for the money
By far the best value for the money spent. I used this on 12kw generator that feeds my house through an interlocked breaker in my electric panel. The entire setup was less than $1200 versus more than $8k for a standalone whole-house generator. This cord allows me to place the generator in an area where the noise is minimal (and frankly very quiet inside the house) yet has good ventilation.
Mike Holm Mike Holm
20 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Power generation manager
Great quality and price. It helped to power my entire home with the exception of my AC during Hurricane Ian. I recommend this product to everyone. I work in the power generation energy sector and I can say this is a quality product and very well made
best price (even with vender price!) keeps my welders amp steady .
use it for welding body work , all digital readings stay consistent , tolerates gravel driveway abuse well.
Den Demron Den Demron
25 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Better than Camping World
Not too stiff but good enough. Bought it for a generator.
JohnSC JohnSC
20 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Fits like a glove!
Awesome cable. Haven't tested it yet with a full 50 amp load, but its a heavy duty thick cable, and the twist lock connection (CS6364) fit perfectly on the the inlet box (CS6375) connector. No forcing necessary. (Before installing try it and notice it will only fit if the tooth and twist lock groove on the box is lined up correctly.) My inlet box doesn't have the threaded connector but faces down so very secure. This cost less than a homemade one and good to go!
H. C. McIntyre H. C. McIntyre
50 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Worked perfect for emergency power hookup when house generator failed
Works perfect for emergency power hookups during outages, for a quick generator change I just connected to the outside transfer switch box terminals and propane tank bypassing the Generac generator that quit during the hurricane. Plugged this cord into the new Westinghouse generator and in no time and we had temporary power for six days saving food, having ac, and watching tv.... now that's comfort when repairs are impossible. In fact, rather than spend a lot of cash on Generac repairs I'm going to keep this setup and have two Westinghouse generators for 1/3 the price of a Generac and always have a spare generator. These Westinghouse generators come with a key fob so all you have to do during an outage is press the button and you got power.May not be as convenient as the automatic transfer of power on the Generac but for a temp. power source you seldom use at a fraction of the cost I like this setup.
Jessica Jessica
My husband as very impressed with this cord.. he price is awesome as well
T. J. Wilburn T. J. Wilburn
40 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Durable and proper length
You will need the plug for the wire end.
Red Red
15 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
better value than trying to make one yourself
The nice feature on this cord is the finger grip on the back of the generator end it makes getting the plug out of the generator much easier. and the twist lock feed end keeps it from falling off the outlet box. together box and cable made a very clean trouble free installation.
Thomas C. Thomas C.
Awesome 50 amp Cable
Super heavy duty cable and connectors.Made like a tank.. would recommend

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