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Tom Tom
20 ft
Not flexible enough!
Seems to be higher quality except that it is on the stiff side! If it is cold out I think it will be extremely stiff!
Lester Harwood Lester Harwood
25 ft
Just what I needed
This was just the length I needed to be able to get my generator outside of the garage. Worked like a charm! Value was also the key factor.
Karl Karl
15 ft
The best value around for quality cord
I am very impressed at the quality of this cord considering how little it cost compared to all the alternatives. I priced the wire and plug end separately and together they cost more than this product. Plus, with this product the included plug is nicely molded to the cord.For my application i added a L14-30P to the other end and it was not easy to do. The 6/3 is just too large to fit in to the hoes on the L14-30P and i had to reduce the copper volume a little bit to get it in. My current generator only has a 30A output. However, sometime soon i plan to get a larger generator and then I can reuse this cord by removing the L14-30P.The included orange wire wrap didn't work well for me. It keeps coming undone on it's own.
Lineman Lineman
40 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Great cord!
Very well built and hefty! You won’t go wrong with this cord!
Thomas Thomas
This product is as shown, appears high quality, excellent price. Very satisfied. 5 for quality- although I haven't used it much yet, it appears to be high quality.
Joe Joe
home shop
very good quality cord. Very good copper wire inside. All in All, an excellent buy. Can use the length to reach a portable generator.
Jarrid Pearson Jarrid Pearson
50 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Used for different purpose
I simply got this cord and cut of the ends to use the wire. Buying this was WAY cheaper than buying 50 feet of 6/6/6/8 wire at around $7.00 a foot. How do you sell a complete solution cable so cheap when the rest of the world is more than twice the price for the wire alone?
TomD TomD
15 ft
As now expected (after multiple orders from Vevor), the quality, price and speed is really really good. I now won't buy anything without first determining if I can buy it from Vevor. Highly recommend Vevor, its products and customer service. - TomD
Josh Josh
I can now weld at home
I bought ze kable, insert wink emoji, for those who know, you know, to have enough power lead to complete a moderate weld performance at my modest home as an assist to my up and coming son in law’s business franchise. Well ok, it’s not a franchise but with enough imagination and other peoples money I’m assuming it could be. Anyway, I was asked to design, build and implement a stable and secure station for the proper placement of three (3) gasoline powered, hand held machines used for the efficient removal of unwanted and unsightly lawn cultivations, some people call them weeds. Everything worked out so well and I owe it all to this unassuming electricity transport device.
Donna Zmolek Donna Zmolek
50 ft SS2-50R to SS2-50P
Generator Cord
Bought this cord to hook up our generator. It works. I thought it was expensive, but the electrician thought it was a "pretty good deal."

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