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Everardo Martinez Everardo Martinez
Costumer /User
Good product for the intended purpose. Flawless operation , good durability , good quality Thanks!
Extension Cord Extension Cord
Great Cord. Nice to be able to use the welder outside of the shed. Good Quality, looks like it will last. Great Length.
Jeffrey S. Smith Jeffrey S. Smith
50 ft
Best price I could find on the cord I was looking for. This was my second purchase from them and the first item I bought was very good quality as was the cord. It’s thicker than my other one and looks like it’s very well-made and you can’t beat the price. Whenever I need something I look on their website first.
Randall Williams Randall Williams
Power Outage Preparation
This cable worked very well during our last power outage from a hurricane. Needed sixty-three feet to reach my GenerLink connection. This cable connected with my twenty foot cable with length to spare.
Nice way to clean up genny cords
Noticed standard extension cord plugs heating up from long term use. Wanted to add heavier gauge wire to help carry loads like the refrigerator. Matched the plug with a L14-30R on the generator to simplify hookup when needed.
Great cable and great price!
The 2 cables I bought to reach my generator in the shed were received and are a pleasant surprise. The quality is beyond what I thought it would be.
David G David G
Homeowner in Texas
Really!!! This is fantastic. I ordered it Wednesday night around midnight. It was delivered Friday by FedEx. This was my first time ordering from Vevor. I'll admit, I was skeptical as I have never heard of this company or site before until I saw their name on the BIG Prime online shopping site (I won't mention the actual name). Anyway so I started researching the company, their reviews and their products. I was like... Why haven't I ever heard of them before? So I ordered this 75' 50amp generator cable for our new backup generator. We are just north of Dallas and we have had power fluctuations and outages. In 2020 Texas had the worst outage ever. Our neighbors were 3 days in subfreezing temps without power. Ours went off a couple of times. Our other 30amp generator was barely big enough so we replaced it with a much larger one. I am so glad I found the website. I saved a ton of money and the cable is second to none. I couldn't build a cable for what I paid for this high quality cable. The little orange carrying strap was useless though. It could only go around a very small part of the cable but it can't come close to holding the weight. Not a big deal though, this cable is heavy. It's for a long run so I can place the generator in a shelter far from the house and keep the Carbon Monoxide away from us. Here's a picture of the cable with our setup. Thanks Vevor, I am already shopping on your site to see what else to buy.
dennis z dennis z
Good Quality
This cable is very good quality. Designed for applications such as portable generators. The receptacles appear to be rugged. Recommend
Tracey Tracey
Not quite 20’
Only reason for the four stars is that it’s only 19’, but that’s plenty for my use.
Katherine Wilson Katherine Wilson
It is a heavy duty cord and works perfect for what we need. Great to hook up outdoor generator with pto and house is wired for this.

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