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Glenn Smooth Glenn Smooth
I got it to use as a cheese grater and it blasts through very quickly. Since it looks like a piece of artwork I will leave it on the island. It’s functional and nice to look at. I’m impressed and can’t wait to use the various blades
Whitney Whitney
This Cheese Grater is Amazing!
Buy it! It’s worth the money. We had to shred 20 lbs of cheese for a catering event and with this device is took us less than an hour. It cleans up like new as well.
All in one!
Got this for my sister. She totally LOVES it. Said it cuts what she needs it to and sizes. She’s very happy with it. So I got another one to gift a friend. Hope that one is great too!
Edgar Clement Jr. Edgar Clement Jr.
Love it
You can do some serious slicing and shredding with this thing. Very sturdy. The cones are VERY sturdy as well. Great product.I shredded a pound of cheddar in a minute flat with very little effort
Leopoldo P. Castro Leopoldo P. Castro
The Beast
What a hard core shredder ! Well built , been a long time since I've seen this kind of quality . I'm HAPPY !
Nice! Bigger than small hand held
I bought this as a gift for someone and then when I found out she had a smaller “hand held” rotary cheese grater, I considered keeping it for myself. I don’t like small toys I like professional equipment. That’s what I would rate this as. I took a star off simply because it’s really too expensive for home use. If the price was a little more reasonable then it could compete with the smaller hand held models.
Martin N Martin N
Holy cow this manual shreader makes easy work.I needed a shreader for blocks of cheese both slices and graded cheese and this does both really well.The graded cheese from this is nice size and this shreader will grade a 2lb block of cheese in less then 3 minutes with little to no effort.The sliced cheese is THIN sliced and it comes out fast. This attachment also makes easy work of a block of cheese. Nothing for thick slices or adjustment.It has suction cups on the base of the stand so it holds real well to a counter.If you are tired of the standard cheese grater and arm pump of using it buy this unit
Greedy Collector Greedy Collector
No nonsense, excellent grater
I felt like leaving a review to this convenient machine, as perhaps some reviews are not entirely fair.On taking it out of the box, it seemed so simple, almost simplistic, I was afraid back it would go. I was expecting some "feeding mouth" or something, but on using it (parmigiano so far, but I'll update if I have problems with other functions) I was delighted though, even if you have to kind of hold the piece of cheese yourself. You have to be a little careful when approaching the end of the piece of parmigiano but it is really not that difficult. The grater is sharp enough. I understand why the cones are not THAT sharp. They are sharp enough to do the job well, but not at a dangerous level, like the sharp blades of a food processor (which of course have their own advantages, in other uses).The grating process is VERY easy and quick and while one doesn't get a huge variety of sizes of the grated product, the one that is offered [the other four cones are more for different kinds of slicing] is satisfactory for most culinary usages. Tip for those who complained about the cone falling: don't just push the cone IN, twist it a little. It will hold on fine.To be honest, I'd have liked it even if only for the grating . . . if the other cones work as well, I'll consider it a bonus. It helped I "caught" a better price than the usual one... a little under 90. Shop around.If, like me, you are sick and tired of pushing parmigiano through a hand-held small grater, or getting a mess in the food processor for a measly cup of grated cheese, you'll enjoy this. Metal, it also seems it will last forever.
Gregory Acosta Gregory Acosta
Like butter!
It cuts cheese and carrots like butter!
Penny Penny
Great quality. Heavy duty.
We bought this to replace an older one we had. It works great. Fast prep for slaw and carrots and potatoes for cooking. Great for salads, cheeses, anything you want to slice, dice or grate.

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