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Sweet Deal Sweet Deal
320 x 10 mm
Excellent Chamber Vac
We have been chamber vac daily usere for over 10 years. When our pricey name brand machine began to make bad bag seals I checked first for a repair. $445 to send in to replace a pair of unique O-rings. Absurd! The Vevor DZ-260C works faster, quieter, with a far wider and more reliable seal and cost far less than the repair. I miss not having a "Seal Now" button to press which aborts the timed suction period and seals immediately; convenient when trying to judge when to stop the vacuum when bagging soft items like rolls or bread. And I miss the "marinade" function which would speed marinade by cycling through three 18 minute vacuum periods to force air out of meats or fruits and then suck in marinade when the vacuum is released. These are small improvements Vevor should consider. But regardless, this is a far superior machine at a far lower price. If I had to do it again I would buy another DZ-260C in a heartbeat.
Phil Hendricks Phil Hendricks
320 x 10 mm
Have no idea what types of bags can be used with this product. Luckily found a company that helped me.
dlc dlc
320 x 10 mm
This unit is amazing! For the price I got all of the features of a more expensive unit. I haven't tried mason pint jars yet and probably won't as I have a food saver with the jar sucker attachment. I have repackaged food storage items to give to my adult children. Probably been through two hundred mylar bags without a hitch. I highly recommend this chamber sealer to anyone prepping for the coming economic disaster that I believe will take place. Thanks to our "wonderful" (LOL) leader.
Eduardo Eduardo
260 x 8 mm
Very good
excellent machine, easy to use and of very good quality. I recommend it to all vevor users. Very good
K Thomas K Thomas
320 x 10 mm
It works!
This is a very simple designed machine. For the cost the machine is great. I've packaged and repackage many items with it as well as tested wet and dry items alike with no issues. It works with my old food saver bags as well as pouches and came with everything needed to get started. FYI it comes with NO pouches. I understood the instructions just fine, but I've also seen a lot of videos as well as work with different types of machinery on the regular. It does not come with an attachment for the chamber pots, but it seems like it could be easily modified to accommodate (would not suggest trying this during warranty period or without knowledge on the matter). Packaging was excellent and arrived in time. Chamber is roughly 2.75" deep and comes with stainless steel filler plate. It can easily handle 12"x14" bags, which is large enough for me. This is well worth the sub $400 that I paid for it. Next closest that I was interested in cost about $900 before shipping and taxes. The next model up had a 5" deep chamber, but fine with the sacrifice for now. If you're on the fence, just get it. Don't paralyze yourself with research like I did initially.
320 x 10 mm
Love this product
Love the sealer. It saves so much time and fun to watch. Saves money also. The bags are cheap compared to the other sealers
Peter Peter
My goodness, what a deal. This thing works great. We replaced one of a similar size that was about 40 years old, and this one sure does the trick. I was a little afraid that it was too good to be true, but so far all of the vevor equipment we have purchased has exceeded my expectations. This machine, though, is a GEM. Easy to use. Fast. HEAVY built. very impressed. money well spent.
Trent Trent
320 x 10 mm
Global Network Architect
It is a very nice machine with good quality built and is easy to use, I would recommend this product to someone needing tovacume pack my dresses dried goods in Mylar packaging
Clark rachal Clark rachal
Use for at home processing works excellent. I would definitely Recommend this for anyone looking for an easy to use machine and great size for all projects.
K. Maletsky K. Maletsky
320 x 10 mm
Very Good Chamber Vacuum Sealer at a Reasonable Price
When my last chamber sealer died, I had just a few requirements for my new one: vacuum gauge, 12” sealer bar, oil pump. There are quite a few vacuum sealers with these three attributes, but the price varies from reasonable (~$400) to well over $1000. The Vevor is at the low end of that price range but seems to be more or less the same design as the much more expensive ones.Overall, I like it and am glad I made the purchase. It seems well built, is vacuuming / sealing perfectly and is easy to use. Note that I have the 260C model, not clear what the difference is for the other Vevor 260 versions.The top is 3/4” thick plexiglass, very solid. Some sealers like this don’t have a clip to hold the top down, but this one does, which makes storage much easier. Everything else is stainless steel. The controls are simple to operate and it’s obvious what each button does, so no need to look at the poorly written ‘manual’. It achieves the necessary vacuum in 40 seconds, I was using 60 seconds for my previous sealer, so this is faster. The time will vary with elevation and the size of the thing being packed.The seal thickness is much bigger (~3/8 inch) than my previous sealer, which gives me much more confidence when sealing items which cause a wrinkle in the bag at the seal end. In my previous sealer, I was using a 5 second seal time for the 4 mil bags I prefer, the Vevor seals in less than 2 seconds. I use a lot of 6 x 12” bags, with a 12” seal bar I can do two simultaneously, so less time for me!The sealer has a vacuum gauge, which I now realize is critical for a chamber sealer. The only way to know how long you need to pump is to watch the gauge. When the pressure stops dropping, then you know you’ve pumped long enough. Maybe add another 5 seconds and use that for the time setting. So I ignored any sealer that didn’t have a gauge.The Vevor gauge is marked in megapascals, in my house I was able to achieve .077 mpa, which converts to 22.7 in. Hg. I live at 7000 feet elevation,

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