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Repco Repco
10 L
Good Quality, but wrong canisters
Liquid Nitrogen sales and service is my business. For medical storage this tank should work great. While these tanks are very good quality 2 things stand out that must be considered for North American semen tank use. 1) I use them to transfer LN2. They are 13" not 11" wide. This extra bulk is hard to work with in order to pour from it to another vessel. 2) Canisters are only half height: about 5" to 6". this will work for bulk storage of semen straws; either 1/4 cc or 1/2 cc. But will not work with how we store semen in our market: in full height canes of about 11" tall. The full size canisters are made, but are not standard included items, and online suppliers don't seem to know that our market doesn't use half size canisters. Semen canes put into these short canisters will be next to impossible to get out. The old canisters for XR16 seem to fit nicely in this tank; if you can find them. In 20 liter tanks the canisters from SC20/20 tanks have worked so far.
Rocky Rocky
Great product for cheap
Works wonderfully. Kept my liquid nitrogen good for a week. Only complaints I have are the cryo ladles are too big making it impossible to use them to get the nitrogen out when the container is low, and the ladles are all big making them hard to remove.
Good product
Stayed cold a long time.

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