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Big Perm Big Perm
So amazing!
Used it for a school fundraiser. Works great, easy yo use, just the right size to fit on a table.
Chris Erickson Chris Erickson
Decent product for the money!
Used it for an event and ran for three hours straight - decent product for the money! A little difficult to clean. The optional hood/cover is a must.
Satisfied customer Satisfied customer
Easy and fun
Very easy to use!!Purchased as a Christmas gift for my granddaughters.
Shelley Wilburn Shelley Wilburn
Absolutely Love!
We bought this cotton candy machine for a family fun day/ ministry event. We received it earlier than expected, which was a plus. So we tried it out and absolutely loved it. It works great, cleans up very easily, and it doesn’t take long to learn how to make cotton candy. If you follow the care instructions this machine will last a very long time. Highly recommend!
Robert In Iowa Robert In Iowa
Be prepared for a
We bought this for a birthday party, yes maybe overkill but that’s how we roll... It works well, and makes cotton candy quickly.We have used it for a couple of parties since and has been a hit.
bbakerman bbakerman
Love that you can use hard candy in it to make your own you cinnamon red hots Yum Yum
We have had a commercial grade cotton candy machine in the past and we like this one just as good if not better than what we have used in business before works great thanks Love that you can use hard candy in it to make your own you cinnamon red hots Yum Yum
Linda Adams Linda Adams
Use it outside. Or you'll have a sticky mess.
We like this machine but you definitely need the dome cover to keep things in. I gave it as a Christmas gift to my husband and when we went to use it we noticed the fuse was missing to the unit. Contacted the seller and no response. Thankfully my husband is knowledgeable enough he was able to modify it and add a fuse internally.
v.fronczak v.fronczak
Great Machine
We love the machine. I work in a nursing home and we use it for our residents and they love when we make it for them.Victoria F
Tim Rath Tim Rath
Love this machine!!!
We love this machine and have had tons of fun with it this summer!!!We got this cotton candy maker to use during a graduation party and have since found numerous opportunities to use it! The unit works well and makes cotton candy that tastes just like we could get at an amusement park. The unit does not come with a dome cover, but you really need to order that as well. We tried to use the unit in our kitchen without the cover, and cotton candy strands of sugar were floating everywhere, making a huge mess! Using it without the dome outside (with even the slightest amt of wind) would be impossible as the sugar strands would just blow away. Plus, the dome protects the cotton candy from bees and other insects that might be attracted to the sugar. Once we added the dome, the unit was absolutely great! The unit is larger than I expected, but it is quiet and easy to use. Note: as a safety feature, the unit requires the steel bowl to be securely in place before it will operate. We didn’t realize this at first and thought it was defective until we properly positioned the bowl and it began to work.Clean up of the bowl is super easy, as it just takes some washing out with hot water. The central part that heats the sugar is a little trickier to clean, but I found that it cleans nicely when I place a washcloth (wet with hot water) on the crusted sugar for a minute and then wipe/repeat until clean.Save the box for storage because the unit is large and oddly shaped.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Lots of family fun!
we ordered this big guy for our boba tea toppings, and it was shipped out quick and worked perfectly~ we love this big family member

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