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Zman Zman
Hands and Feet Linkage Orange
Inexpensive but functional wheel
This is a much smaller wheel than the ones you will use taking classes at your local art studio. That being said. It works. I have been able to throw small and mid-Sized pots. The wheel does slow slightly when you are centering if you are using a lot of clay.I think this wheel has a high speed. The speed control is not especially sensitive and as a tall human I don’t find the foot pedal to be functional. I sit on a plastic foot stool, I have the wheel on a mat on the floor. I couldn’t find the right combination of table height and chair height to do otherwise, but someone more handy could make it work.I actually enjoy using it and have made lots of mugs and bowls. My biggest complaint is that it’s messy. Because the tray is so small clay and clay water sometimes goes flying off the wheel. The tray is removable for cleaning. I think this is a good wheel for someone who wants a cheap starter wheel for practice. This is good sized for kids.Overall- functional. Inexpensive. Portable.
Diane Mersch Diane Mersch
Hands and Feet Linkage Blue
Perfect for users knowing how to use it
We like the wheel thrower but the try leaks so you’ll need to put something under the try like towels or bags
Montana Montana
Hands and Feet Linkage Orange
So excited!!
It came 4 days earlier than expected and I’m so excited to use it! I took ceramics 1 in college and we only did hand building so never got to use the wheels. My professor is also not doing her ceramics 2 class for a while due to construction in her class room so I felt bummed out that I wouldn’t be able to try wheel throwing out. My dad bought it for me and it’s such a nice gift! I can’t wait to throw mugs because I have a hard time hand building even, symmetrical mugs lol. The size and quality of it is better than expected. It rotates without wobbling and seems pretty sturdy. My basin wasn’t cracked which is something I was worried about since some reviews said theirs was cracked. I’ll try and post an updated review once I actually try it out but I can’t wait to use it! It’ll fit perfectly on my backyard patio :)UPDATE: added some photos of stuff I’ve made so far! My clay is currently drier than most so I’ve just been hand building things then putting them on the wheel to trim and smooth out. If I wet the clay enough on the wheel, it basically feels like I’m “throwing” lol but I can’t really throw yet till I get a fresh bag of clay. It spins well, is easy to clean, gets up to a really good speed, and is a nice size. Just wish it was more silent but I never have to be quiet in my house so that’s fine with me :)
Malena Guilarte Malena Guilarte
Hands and Feet Linkage Green
Would recommend !!!
Got this for my daughter and she loves it!!!
playsinmud playsinmud
Knob Yellow
So much fun
This tiny wheel is soooo much fun! Extremely quiet. Spins both directions. Has a variable speed nob.It actually spins st fast! The 1st piece of clay I tried to center, I turned the wheel all the way up as fast as it would go. I could easily put pressure on the wheel without stopping it and got the clay centered. Then I started opening it up and that's when most of the clay flew off! I centered what was left and made the little vase in the photos.Totally worth it and looking forward to getting these fired and glazed.
TeresaF TeresaF
Hands and Feet Linkage Blue
This is perfect for what I use it for. Sanding and polishing homemade dice.
zeus zeus
Hands and Feet Linkage Green
Very nice pottery wheel!
This pottery wheel is very well-made!
shill15 shill15
Knob Red
Fun but novelty only
If you're looking for a long-term functional pottery wheel this isn't it. But to be fair I don't know of any others that are many that would replace the function of a normal sized one. This pottery wheel is definitely cute in design and a decent activity. I am a seasoned potter that's used to throwing things a very small proportions on a regular sized wheel. Bought this as an activity for My ceramics 1 students and for my 10 year old as well. It has a decent amount of power for what it is. It takes a little bit of trial and error to figure out when to turn the pace up or down. Was a little tricky to get the hang of centering.. I ended up centering the clay for my daughter and then handing it over. The biggest drawback is the lack of a splash pan. You get completely and totally soaked when using. I will have to figure out something myself because it sprays water up to 8 ft and consistently all over your lap.Tools that came were decent. Good value for the price.
Patrick Hardgrove Jr Patrick Hardgrove Jr
Pedal Pink
worth the money
nice little wheel for beginners would have been a 5 star but just one complaint. the foot peddle does not have much control over the speed of wheel seems to have slow, 3/4 speed and high speed which i can deal with. build seems good for the cost. tray around wheel is not super sturdy but it does come off in 2 pieces for easy clean up
Cherie Montgomery Cherie Montgomery
Pottery wheel
I love my new pottery wheel. It's everything I wanted and needed!!! My grandson's are learning as well....

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