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Bob Bob
Deep Box x1 + Medium Box x1 2 Deep & 2 Medium
Homesteader in Training
Impressed with the wood quality. Frames were easy to assemble once I had one or two under my belt. At the advice of other beekeepers, we drilled 1/4 inch holes in the upper corners of each frame to allow bee passage.
Chris Morgan Chris Morgan
Deep Box x1 + Medium Box x1 2 Deep & 2 Medium
Good quality! Very sturdy! Well made! Definitely worth the craftsmanship. Good price as well! Good first year boxes to start with. No complaints!
Darrell Darrell
Deep Box x3 + Medium Box x2 1 Deep & 4 Medium
Well made hive boxes. Went together quickly and easily. Natural flaws in the wood had been patched with wood filler and sanded smooth. Joints were accurate and tight. Holes were pre-drilled for screws. Lid, cover board and bottom board are all solid and well made. Over all a top quality bee hive. I was impressed when the first one came so I bought a second one. It's just as good. Well pleased.
Jimmy c Jimmy c
Easy to assemble
Super easy to assemble. All you need to start a hive only thing missing are some nails. Already bought another it was so simple.
Sadie Bug Honey Sadie Bug Honey
Deep Box x3 + Medium Box x2 1 Deep & 4 Medium
Great product, great price, fast delivery. Have bought 5 of these. All of them just asdescribed. Fast delivery
Katrina Emanuel Katrina Emanuel
Deep Box x 2+ Medium Box x 1 1 Deep & 4 Medium
I am very happy with this bee hive box kit. Everything from ordering to assembly went smoothly. Everything is included to assemble 2 deep boxes and 1 medium and all the frames and foundation. The top and bottom boards came already assembled. The bees love that everything is coated in beeswax. I previously purchased a medium box kit with frames to go on an already established deep box. I will definitely purchase this kit again.
Christopher Arland Christopher Arland
Deep Box x 1+ Medium Box x 1 1 Deep & 4 Medium
Extremely disappointed
I am extremely dissatisfied with how my product arrived to me. The box was severely damaged and clearly taped back together as if this was a defective return that was sent to me instead of a new item as I ordered. Upon opening there are several broken pieces and defective pieces as well. On one you can even see where wood glue has been applied to repair known damage to then be shipped out to me damaged yet again. Other pieces are broken clearly due to poor quality control because it was cut in a knot area which weakened the piece and it came broken. Whomever over sees quality control for your company should review the below photos. I am extremely disappointed as this is part of an anniversary gift that I ordered on behalf of my husband and he was extremely excited at the thought of this order and this mess is what we were left with. Ps: there are more photos of broken pieces but your only allowed 5 photos.
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,

We are sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant shopping experience.

If the product you purchased has quality problems, please contact the after-sales personnel of our website.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Staciey Dargan Staciey Dargan
This came dismantled, all pieces were secured and organized, easily fit together without need of correction to cuts. It was as easy as making a sandwich to assemble even for a new beekeeper without having handles any hive bodies prior! And man, great quality for minimal price. If only the hadn't sold out so fast! I would definitely buy this again as I love the cedar wood and natural look! Great service and super fast shipping! Had a minor dent upon recieveing but nothing that warranted returning. I'm sure that happened during shipping.
Gerardo Gerardo
Deep Box x 1
Good product ,very good price I love it I will buy it again , I will bug more products in the closed future thank you
powertooldiva powertooldiva
Deep Box x 2+ Medium Box x 2 2 Deep & 2 Medium
nice hive
needed another set up for a swarm I just couldn't resist capturing. This was a decently priced hive so decided to give it a try. Set went together as promised, well made. Will see how a beeswax coating lasts, but fairly thick coat in place on outside of boxes.Foundation was beeswax coated, frames were very easy to assemble. Only thing I had to add was I put hardware cloth inside the windows on the side (which I love! seeing whats going on inside is fun!) Only wish there was an option for a screened bottom board. Bees have settled in nicely and are busy filling up the boxes.

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