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Works great..
Welder works great on 0.2mm pure nickel. It might even weld thicker strips. I haven't tried.. The remote welding handle gets to hot and starts malfunction pretty quickly tho..
jose n loaiza jose n loaiza
Un buen soldador por puntos
Me agradó que es de corriente alterna y siguiendo las instrucciones del fabricante es excelente
harold harold
the spot welder is working great
the only complaint is the soldering iron only lasted 5 min but that is not what i bought it for the spot welder allowed me to put together my lio4 battery with 400 cells so many many spot welds and is still working
George George
better than expected
Not bad, better than expected.Tried 1mm, 1.5 & 2mm thickness welding strips.They all work, you have to find the sweet spot for each (amps & pulse).Spring loaded electrode system kinda mickey mousy, a little crazy glue took care of that.Just tested some welds for now, works well, must have clean surfaces (great welds & minimizes sparking).Foot switch works good (better control).I'll be building a power pack soon and will be able to evaluate better.It'll be nice not to have to solder Li-on batteries from now on (scary!)
Daniel Carter Daniel Carter
excellent seller , great product with extra stuff . love it
John John
Works Great! Well packaged. Arrived on time. JB
Works great! I even hooked up a hand-held rig directly to the arms. -John B
709ad+ Pulse Battery Spot Welder W/iron Soldering Station S70bn Pen 800a 3.2kw
Tristen Tristen
Great for battery repair
This is a great product and a great value for your money. I purchased it to repair some power tool batteries I had. Great product! -Tristen C.
Orlando a. Orlando a.
Excelente producto. Se tengi la necesidad de comprar otro lo haria nuevamente.
Maquina electro puntro excelente producto para soldar metales de pequeno calibre. Trabaja muy bien. Lo recomiendo 100%
Rog_S Rog_S
Good value for hobbyists
It took care of assembling the replacement battery pack on my cordless vacuum, but it did take some tinkering to adjust the electrodes just right as the arms are not precisely mounted and allow the electrode spacing to change from one weld to the next. I read reviews on similar products tripping breakers and took precautions to us a 20A breaker with the plug just 4 feet away from the breaker to avoid troubles. It would be helpful if they provided guideline setup values. I found I needed to turn the dial to full power and use the double pulse for 69 ms each and keep the electrodes clean to spot weld 0.006" [0.15 mm] nickel strip to the batteries and 0.018" [0.46mm] nickel plated steel to the strips.
Robert S Reynolds Robert S Reynolds
Very Happy with This Purchase So Far...
This unit is everything I expected and more. Of course, I just received it a few weeks ago, but I have used it and I’m very happy with the results. I was pleasantly surprised the unit came with a very, very long Roll of nickel plated strip. The manual was disappointing - poor translation. Fortunately there are many YouTube videos that fill that gap. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another unit from this manufacturer and wished they made it more convenient to purchase accessories like the handheld electrode unit for larger battery packs.

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