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Mark Baker Mark Baker
Best product for DIY or even small product production!!!!
Absolutely the best bang for the buck!!!!The one thing I wish it had was a connection for a hand held welder!!!! Even better if it came with one!!!!
Chris Prue Chris Prue
Tricks of the Trade!
I'm a sheet metal worker and know a thing or two about spot welding. I've literally made several hundred thousand spot welds easily. That qualifies me to offer some tips to those not getting optimal results. Here you go...1. Good conductivity at 3 critical points. That is firmly held work pieces pressed tightly together and free and clean of any substance which may hinder conductivity. (I.e, oil, grease, paint, your finger). The tips must also be pressed firmly to the work while the work pieces are making good firm contact to each other.2. A good clean power source and no use of an extension cord of any kind. Doesn't matter. Device plugged into wall outlet fixture. Not some extension strip or janky extension cord. A dedicated circuit is ideal. Your sink disposal and dishwasher are both on dedicated 20's. Your microwave, if not overhead built-in style, should have one as code at lease in the US. Your washer and dryer should both have one. To name a few. Don't use your GFCI circuit. Tripping that device renders it less effective and technically should be replaced after about a dozen trips. Just sayin'. You'll find a few others I didn't mention but don't think you gotta run a home run circuit for this, just use an existing one and swap devices as needed. Meaning don't put a 2 way or 3 way in and think it's ok to share that circuit.3. Make sure all connections are tight and secure and free from conductivity robbing or insulating debris or films.4. Remember what you invested and consider a dinner out with an alcoholic beverage costs more than this thing. The industrial spot welders I am used to using start at about $10k for a decent one. Yes, there are cheaper ones and they remind me of this thing. It will do what you need but you have to set yourself up for success. Or failure. It is what it is. Good luck
W. A.R W. A.R
Welding the job
It did a great job I was surprised that it worked so well the price was right the quality is nice and it did a great job welding my batteries Peck thank you it came in handy
Works Great, for .10mm and .15mm at max setting. Does not work on .20mm
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Good Buy.
This works well, But, if you are looking to do a bunch, you need more power, you need to pay more. Makes small welds and needs to be hit several times. Hit too many time or too often, you reset the main breaker. If you are planning to do a bunch of welds, get a bigger machine. Works good for me, I don't do much.
frank owens frank owens
Works very well for price
I have repaired couple batterys all ready must have for thicker nickel strips
NW Blacksmith NW Blacksmith
Well designed, easy to use
Have a bunch of older battery operated power tools - Porter Cable and some Ego stuff (lawn mower, string trimmer) as well as an older e-bike. Got this to rebuild failing battery packs.Only had it for a few weeks but tried it out and it works really well - nice design and works well. I specifically chose Mophorn as I have had good results with their other stuff.
Eewizard Eewizard
I needed to set it on max to get the welds I was looking for.
John Rossi John Rossi
Works well, but . . .
Works well, but -- despite being equipped with a120 volt plug -- it requires 240 volts to operate correctly.
nash nash
Thank you excellent
I highly recommend to purchase worth the money
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