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Patricia Barry Patricia Barry
100 ft drain cable
This is the cable and cleaner tools that we have needed. It took a little work to attach it to our machine but it was worth the effort. It is durable and able to work through even the farthest clogs.
Gordon R. Gordon R.
Did the job well
Nice cable. Was simple to install in my cobra drain machine. Did the job well. Gloves are so cheap. Rest of the pieces were worth it.
David C. Murray David C. Murray
easily connected to machine
Despite a lot of confusing replies to a question I asked whether the 100' 3/8 " had a connecting device on one end to connect to an auger machine mine DID have a connector. As well as a slotted end on the other end to connect various drilling bits. The 3/8" is not quite as sturdy as the 1/2". It tends to recoil on itself more easily.
John ritenour John ritenour
It does the job
It's a sewer snake and it does just that what more can you say it works
Mario Velazquez Mario Velazquez
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great service ...Great products.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............
Gina B. Duplechien Gina B. Duplechien
Saves money
No more calling the plumber at 400. Dollars a pop every time my line gets blocked ! I recommend every home owner have one
Peter Peter
Save my house from flooding in sewer water
This drain cleaning cable literally saved my house from getting flooded due to drainage clog in the main drain pipe. Thanks to the accesories available I was able to get the job done. The thickness and length of the drain cable were a perfect fit to my situation.
Ron Jackson Ron Jackson
Works without a machine.
I have a 50 foot but it wasn't long enough. The 75 ft. worked great but you need room to unwind the entire 75 ft. in order to rotate it.
Unclog your drains.
Our kitchen sink was clogged I purchased a 75 foot long snake cable, it worked very well and cleared our drain and was pretty easy to use!!! Very happy, sincerely Rita Crawford
Alvin Caywood Alvin Caywood
Return to carrier when finished

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