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Clartus Clartus
Works Great
This thing provides the best happy endings! With its gentle tough and strong platform I have full confidence my implements will stay in place. It also looks good while doing what it does.
Salisbury Salisbury
Love it! I have only used it once and the load wasn’t that big about 700lb, worked really good, love the swivel hook.
William Cross William Cross
Fast free shipping. The Forklift Lifting Hook was built well with a protective powder coating. Attached to the forks easily and made lifting from a single point very easy. Would highly recommend.
Mike Mike
Works great. Thought it might not be too sturdy due to price but it is very heavy duty. Should have no problem lifting engines out of a vehicle.
krhj0854 krhj0854
Great Product easy to, use works good on the forks on skid steer for lifting and moving items around.
esanders esanders
Myself and another service manager spent 4 days researching exactly what we needed. We picked this unit. The adjustment capability sealed it.Keep your forks as tight as possible for best turn radius. But this still rocks, for warehouse guys who primarily move pallets. Spreads plenty wide enough for commercial applications. This unit clamped on the end of your forks, and a close eye on cables. You can move trailers like Tetris!!
Tom Tom
It filled my needs, priced right.
Right price, free delivery I don't have to drive to get it.
David David
Good product
Garrett Bridge Garrett Bridge
Time saver
Easy to use. Attach to pallet forks on tractor fast. Moving concrete blocks, 1850 pounds
David M. Young David M. Young
Worth the money!

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