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Ken Ken
Received damaged
Very poorly packaged. Purchased in 2021. Delivered in crate that was damaged. I inspected crate and excepted. L as ter found that the top cover of the motor was caved in to point that the cooling fins jammed and would not let the motor spin. Contacted the seller who said find a replace ment part and they would pay for it. They later agreed to refund me $150. I removed the top cover, and used a hammer and steel rod to bang out the deep top until the motor was free to turn. All in all a fine machine, especially with the big discount. Hopefully they have fixed the shipping, crating problems.
Mollergui Mollergui
Una empresa responsable que se preocupa por sus clientes!!!
Es una máquina excelente de muy buena calidad la recomiendo y gracias a servicio el cliente CHRISTINA por su atención……
Bill Bill
Mortise machine
Machine works great..found the instructions uesless stops at a certain point..instead of showing you how to put it all togetherHad to figure it out
Raymond Hurt Raymond Hurt
Great tool
Really good tool for the money.
VudWrkr VudWrkr
Solid tool
This is a solid tool that could use some improvement, nonetheless, I like it. It is solidly built and has most features that I'd like in a mortiser in this class. What I'd like, is a stronger motor. 1 HP vs. the current 1/2. the cost increase is not that much and makes it a much nicer machine. height adjustment could use a better design to hold its setting. not a big deal for me though as I fixed it by replacing the thumbscrew.lastly, the chuck shaft could be 1/2 longer to comfortably receive the drill as it currently seems to be a little short.otherwise, very good machine.
Elena B. Elena B.
Works well with the expectation that the depth adjustment does not hold in place
Depth adjustment does not hold in place

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