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John Posthuma John Posthuma
Wonderful service!!!
Recommend buying from this seller!
Melissa Melissa
Well built and easy to use!
This product is very sturdy built, easy to assemble and disassemble. It milks my Jersey cow in no time flat even with only two milking cups. Highly recommend!
Emily Emily
Simple operation
This milking machine is just right for home use, easy to use, and easy to operate
Angela Hanor Angela Hanor
The product is very good, with high cost-effectiveness. Compared to the previous milking machine, this machine is cheap and easy to use
Becky Becky
Great quality
The product has been received, the quality is really great! Stainless steel bucket is also very thick, and the customer service is also very good! For the questions we asked, they will patiently explain. The price is very affordable, so don't hesitate to place your order!
Theresa Theresa
This was the best investment ever when milking cows. I started up on the first try and we will never turn back to hand milking.
Dottie Burnside Dottie Burnside
Exeter Missouri
I wish it had a little better suction,one tiny air leak and the Milker falls off,other wise it's a great machine
Tom Oester Tom Oester
More parts needed
You need to buy the plugs for the suction nozzles before you use. The suction by-pass is also hard to adjust
Kelly Briggs Kelly Briggs
Great machine!
We are using this for 2 cows right now. Milks great! We did have to switch out the teat cups for smaller ones (one of our cows has small teats and it kept falling off).
LadyRed LadyRed
Five Stars
Great product, makes milking 4 cows twice a day easier, could make better instructions for it.

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