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Matt Johnson Matt Johnson
Excellent purchase
I have two Ayrshire girls, one is around 8 and accustomed to being milked , one just turned 3 and is in her first season of milk. This milker works on both of them. The suction power is strong and if it continues to suck after the milk has stopped they will take their hoof and try to remove it. It takes about 4 minutes per side to fill a 4liter container. Neither mind the noise. Clean, make sure vapor lock center is down, latch lid, close clips, place on cow, unfasten clips and suction begins. Make sure to wash and begin hand stripping cow before latching on and rub bag to encourage letdown. Works great. When emptying and switching sides, sometimes the vapor lock sets up again even tho bucket is empty. Turn off, open, undo vapor lock and set up again. But this works great and saves me LOADS of time. Cleaning I wash soapy hot water, rinse, again hot soapy water in a bowl, let machine suction it thru, open empty rinse. Let machine suction thru rinse water, empty and leave open to dry. Have had no smells or anything. I do this IMMEDIATELY upon going back to house. I would recommend and would buy again. I probably would buy the larger the next time.
Kenneth Payton Kenneth Payton
Convenience and ease
I have used a big refurbished Serge milker for decades. This little battery powered machine is the bomb to use. Its lightweight, easy to clean, and efficient. I have 5 goats to milk, producing 2 to 3 gallons of milk twice daily, so I bought the 14 L can. The hoses are thin and bendy, so be aware that they are not kinked when milking. I also use a bit of coconut oil on tbe attachments in the milk pail lid to make pulling off the hoses easier. The only thing missing is a handle or strap on the milk pail for transporting. Did I mention I purchased the battery operated unit and I am free to go where the goats are to milk. Im no longer tethered to the electric outlet, and I only charge the battery every other day or so. Great for off grid homesteads. The suction was not strong enough for my milk cow, but great for the goats! Even tbe ones with tiny teats.... Im thrilled with this purchase!
Judy Judy
Very happy
This milker works great. Took my milking time from ( hand milking) 15 min to 4 min. It was so easy to use. I put it together, cleansed it with some bleach water, and tested the pulse out on my fingers. At first, it did not pulse. I needed to create a seal around my fingers better. After I did that it worked perfectly. I was worried if I had an emergency and could not milk my goat that no one else could do it. Now, I’m super relieved, I know anyone could milk her. It came very fast. I received it only nine days from the date I ordered it. The equipment looks nice and the bucket seems very durable. Very satisfied my milker.
Charles A. Cucci Charles A. Cucci
Much easier to use than I believed.
I have been a hand milking Nubian goats for many years, but with 5 heavy milkers, I hoped to save my hands. I also wanted a way to help anyone who may take over for me. The only thing that is a hindrance with this milk machine is that you have to release the vacuum by pulling free a tube from the pump. It can take me longer than I would like to do that. I will try using a lube like petroleum jelly to make it faster.
Good deal
Update: We've been using this for about 6 months now and it's held up pretty well. Again, it's not the speediest or most powerful, but it gets the job done.
Bassett-Lindsey Bassett-Lindsey
Very portable
Love it. My goats did not seem to have a problem with the hum of the machine. Will not latch onto teat when you forget to undo the hose clamp.
Lifer Lifer
The rechargeable battery is in the pump!
It needs to explain that the rechargeable battery is in the metal box that contains the pump! A great product that performs above my expectations!
Kwana Murray Kwana Murray
A Worthy Investment
I am thankful I invested in this milker for our cow. We have both sizes of teat cups and can use the milker for our goats and cows.
Wade S. Wade S.
Great portable milk machine!
If you’re a great hand milker, this may not be for you. I have weak hands, and a stubborn cow with small teats, so I LOVE it! I do charge it every day, but I’ve milked twice on one charge. It takes a lot longer than I was thinking to milk her out, (20 minutes) but she (the cow) likes it better than me milking. So I’m satisfied!!
beach cart beach cart
Chalk and Cheese
I got this machine about 4 months ago. Only have one I milk at the moment. From getting it out of the box,until last week, I milked her once a day and cleaned it on only the charge in the battery. Last week it started to go a little slower ,still would have gone for a few more milkings. I did have one machine from Dansha farms and it was total rubbish. This is professionally made compared the the other one. Highly recommend it!

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