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Five Stars
Rhonda D. Rhonda D.
Inexpensive - good for starting out
It's a nice inexpensive machine. I have a a couple of goats and plan on using it with them. It does not appear to be "heavy duty" so if I plan on expanding, I don't think this will suffice. It will beat milking the few I have by hand.
Michelle King Michelle King
Works great!
It did not come with instructions so we had to find pictures online but it works great otherwise.
Nathan Miller Nathan Miller
Proprietor Kettle Top Farm
I have milked cows for over 30 years. I missed having fresh milk so I now only milk the one family cow. Rather than reworking the existing milking system I decided to try this portable milker. It does a good job of milking the cow, it cleans up well, and moves about the barns easily. I did change out the cluster to a DeLaval which I had around but that was just personal preference. It could use a bit more vacuum reserve for attaching the cluster to the cow, but it recovers well and actually makes for a nice gentle start to the milking let down phase. For a single family cow or a small string of show cows at the fair, I would highly recommend this unit, especially at this price.
Jessie Jessie
Great machine!!
My jersey heifer calved a week and a half ago. Have been hand milking for a week. Received my milker in the mail yesterday and used it for the first time. It worked great! It milked a gallon of milk off her in less than 5 minutes. (she is feeding her calf and a bum calf plus a gallon of milk a day for my family) She didn't mind it at all. She never acted like it hurt or pinched. I think she was happy that it was a lot faster then me milking her. I do have to say that you have to be patient with it. It takes 15-20 seconds for the suction to build up on the udder for milk to start flowing well. Her udders were not discolored in any way after we were done.
Marc Marc
Love this, life is good milking!
My milker came with a diagram/picture and instructions. Instructions were a bit vague but I easily figured out what to do. I have noticed if the teat gets in off center, little to no milk will come out. Milking three goats, I usually have to reposition one or two teats. I thought the noise would bug my goats, it doesn’t. They actually seem to like it better because it is quicker than I am. Two goats have little teats that I can only get my thumb and one finger on, the milker doesn’t care about size. It works fine on all three. I do notice that I have to hand milk at the end because there is still some milk left in the udder, takes me a minute or so per goat. I do wash with soap and water then run an milking acid wash through everything. The wire brushes work great, too. No issues with mold or build-up. There was also extra parts that at first threw me off until I realized they were spare parts. I will post again in a few months on durability.
Daniel Daniel
Buy It
Received my goat milker 11 days after ordering it, which is great considering Amazon had said it might take over two months, as it was coming from China at the tail end of Covid. It was well-packaged and easy to unwrap and assemble. Components are well-made. It came with brief but concise directions on how to assemble, use, and clean, and if you follow them you should be good to go.
Jacob Jacob
If I could give it 6 stars I would!
The first thing I did before buying this machine was ask the folks on my goat Facebook page what they thought of the machine. Everyone that had one, loved it. So bought it. I opened it, read instructions, assembled it, and used it on one of my goats all within 30 minutes after UPS delivered it. Now realize- it was at the end of the day and I usually work full days here on the farm and I was really exhausted and pretty brain dead when it arrived. It is consumer friendly both for the goats and me. I used it on my most touchy doe first and it worked like a charm. I truly believe that it will be one of the tools I use on the farm here, that every time I use it, I am going to think, "I am so glad I got it".
Fannie Fannie
That this is a product that is backed by the company teams.
I am milking Nigerian Dwarfs. The teat cups that came with the machine work great. I use just a plain backpack to transport the entire unit from my house to my barn and back. The customer service and support teams are wonderful. Every email correspondence has been answered within a few hours. Having never owned a milking machine before I thought the teat cups were 2 large. I wrote them one night asking if they had smaller ones. I found their website and thought I had found a smaller milking claw so I just placed the order. The next morning I had 2 gmails from them. One telling me that I already had the smaller one made. The second one asking me if I had placed an order already. It explained that what I was ordering was larger and would I like to cancel the order and receive my money back? They was canceled the order and my money was returned to PayPal that day or the next day.
Wynne Wynne
Okay, we recently got this for our goats, used it approximately 10 times and works very well. Milking time takes just a few minutes and keeps milk clean. We are relatively new to milking goats, that being said we've already starting making ice cream (Outstanding!) and butter (still working on that one). Also very easy to clean the lines out.

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