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Danny Danny
i love vevor
this little cnc is very stout for its size, nice build easy instructions ,i would buy again, i have not cut anything yet but looks like it will persevere
Hadi Alam Hadi Alam
It arrives in time, and it was a gift, the man who received it very happy.
Aaron Williamson Aaron Williamson
Works great as we need.
Judith coneliano Judith coneliano
Nice product
It can engrave the items we need, nice CNC, we will recommand it.
Rangeleywood Rangeleywood
This CNC is amazing, I've cut several signs from it, it works great for the price. You can easily extend it with extension kits available on the web, very happy with my purchase, would purchase again.
PawsitarianGirl PawsitarianGirl
Hated it
I’m giving it 2 because I can’t judge how it works. The outer case won’t hold together. The magnetic tape never stuck and the only suggestion was to wash the brand new magnetic tape. Never used it because of it.
Ravenclaw123 Ravenclaw123
Great product and superior quality.
It works great and is the perfect 4th axis to my CNC
Steven Steven
Good little machine to learn off of.
Shipping came on time, Product was not damaged, Everything was included. Bought this to learn CNC before I purchase a larger more expensive machine and I am enjoying it! Granted that the bearings are a little cheap and its a bit weak, but all of that is upgradable. Can't really beat it for the money. I look forward to more purchases from this website!
chris lazuka chris lazuka
Instructions found on flash drive
So far I'm pretty impressed. Machine had nema 23 motors not 17. All the instructions can be found on the flash drive. Written instructions very limited. Need to change grbl settings after set up original speeds very slow. Only thing I don't like is the Z axis carriage very limited on spindle mounting options. Also all wires are a little short when you have limited room to put the control box.
Brad316 Brad316
I was actually surprised with it.
Bought this one after returning what was to be a much stronger sainsmart 3040. After the letdown of that product I had almost zero expectations for this one. My expectation was for it hold up just long enough to cut parts for much stronger one I decided to custom build. I will say the directions are horrible at best, but after using it for a couple weeks I am impressed with it. Even using belt drive this thing can hold it’s own. I did ditch the spindle for a 72mm mount and a Bosch router with a 1/4” collet. Even still it has no issues with .5 mm step down passes on 6061 aluminum at a feed rate 500. So far it’s impressed me enough that my custom build remains a box of parts in the corner. I will point out that you need a seriously large area to set this up and if using fusion 360, disable helical arc in your post process and all will be golden

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