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Love this machine!
I've been fascinated by CNC machines and 3d printers for awhile but hadn't dipped my toes in the water. So when I saw this on sale for $133 I couldn't pass it up. It took about an hour and a half to assemble, probably would have taken less had I looked at the pictures more closely. I've already bought a laser to use with it and have actually used it more than the engraver but plan to do more work with the engraver, just got side tracked. Figuring out the software, and which software to use is the hardest part. Having no experience, I've turned to you tube a lot! I'm slowly figuring it out, so far I'm favoring LIghtBurn software for the laser, but Lasergrbl is also useful. It's both frustrating and fun learning this at 58 yrs old. Already doing a few upgrades. Have a set of limit switches that I'm going to install so when I screw up it doesn't hit the end and just keep grinding away trying to move while I try to find the off switch. Looking at spindle motor upgrades, spoilboards (def need), Z axis upgrade, expanding the size to 3040. Also need to built an encloser, hook up a shop vac, some kind of ventilation when using lase... all kind of stuff to keep me busy for a while. I know there are a million brands of these out there but I think this Vevor kit is as good as any for the price. It was delivered free and fast, in perfect condition, can't beat that. I've attached a pic of the first laser I did, haven't done one that good since.
Logan Kes Logan Kes
Don’t sleep on this (if you know what you are getting into)
For a Chinese CNC, If you know what you are getting into, this is a Phenomenal deal. 32”x32” full aluminum with 24v NEMA 23 motors. A similar X carve or Shapeoko would run north of 3x the price. I have built a number of X carve’s, so I have quite a bit of experience in this space, and as for the build quality and rigidity of the design, it easily matches it. Are the instructions as good? Heck no, but I’ll take crumby instructions and poor support for 1/3 the price! Great deal if you know what you are getting into, not recommended for beginners unless you are really ambitious
ScrapMetal ScrapMetal
Great sturdy little CNC
I purchased mine from Vevor directly, as they had a sale at the time. With that being said, this machine is a huge improvement over the old style 3018s, with the skinny aluminum square tubes.The addition of limit switches, emergency stop, and a wifi remote control makes this awesome.The new frame style is super sturdy and offers much better rigidity than my older 3018; which is now just relegated to laser duty.Vevor machines are not really beginner friendly, as they don't have good instructions, nor packaged software except for a Candle, and LaserGRBL.However, if you're moving into CNC from 3D printing, you'll have an easier time.Easel software will be a great way to get started. However Easel is a monthly subscription.
Robert Pflug Robert Pflug
Took longer to connect to computer than to assemble it. But it is a great little machine for the money.
Jim Jim
Better than expected!
I'm very happy with this CNC router. First I should say that this is much better than the specifications on the web site say. It has Nema 23 stepper motors, a 500 watt 48 volt spindle and six limit switches. It's a well built machine and runs very nice. They must be losing sales by not having the correct description of this machine, I hope they fix this soon. I stepped up from a 3018 to this one and it's a huge upgrade. I should mention that it's very unlikely anyone could assemble this in one hour and have it wind up being any good, maybe if you had already built lots of them but that's not me or most of us. I spent a week setting mine up but that included building a custom table, dust collector system and a Z probe. Plus I decided to go slow and enjoy the project. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting this size router. You can't get close to this quality for this price.
It's good, for the price, but beware
This is a decent basic desktop CNC. It will take some careful alignment and tightening to get it to perform well, and you'll immediately need to replace the couplers that attach to the axis motors, as they will not get tight enough before the screws strip. You'll also need to be careful about how low on the Z-axis you go, as the gantry is not stiff enough to handle the torque. Finally, get yourself a good ball end mill set as they are the easiest to work with since they tend to self-align.
Brad316 Brad316
Buy again
Bought this one after returning what was to be a much stronger sainsmart 3040. After the letdown of that product I had almost zero expectations for this one. My expectation was for it hold up just long enough to cut parts for much stronger one I decided to custom build. I will say the directions are horrible at best, but after using it for a couple weeks I am impressed with it. Even using belt drive this thing can hold it’s own. I did ditch the spindle for a 72mm mount and a Bosch router with a 1/4” collet. Even still it has no issues with .5 mm step down passes on 6061 aluminum at a feed rate 500. So far it’s impressed me enough that my custom build remains a box of parts in the corner. I will point out that you need a seriously large area to set this up and if using fusion 360, disable helical arc in your post process and all will be golden
chris lazuka chris lazuka
Watchback opener
So far I'm pretty impressed. Machine had nema 23 motors not 17. All the instructions can be found on the flash drive. Written instructions very limited. Need to change grbl settings after set up original speeds very slow. Only thing I don't like is the Z axis carriage very limited on spindle mounting options. Also all wires are a little short when you have limited room to put the control box.
Timothy Campolo Timothy Campolo
Decent quality
This desktop CNC has been fun to learn. It works well when programmed correctly. I have a tendency to send the program and start it without triple checking I have the machine ready. Dragging the bit into my workpiece. Plenty of info online about these and GRBL. I used fusion 360 for programming. It works well. I have engraved a lot of phone holders from IKEA just for fun. Makes a good gift. It is a process to put it together. Not for the non mechanical type person.
Amber Blincoe Amber Blincoe
We ordered this router, when received it was missing the z axis. Contacted company and they shipped us the part which took 3 weeks to receive. When the missing part arrived it was faulty! It has been a month and a half and we still do not have a router that works! $800 paperweight. Beware!

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