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Andrew Perkins Andrew Perkins
Good first step into CNC.
Thought I would have to ream out all the nuts when I started, but picking up another pair I found I just had one bolt that was misthreaded. Fortunately there were extras.Recommend a muffin tin to hold all the parts. Purchase a square if you don't have one. Also, if you're not near your computer, print out the instructions. There are several YouTube videos out there, be sure to watch the one that closely matches yours.It went together well, and the software worked okay.Improvements would include having zero stop switches, and hardened tools, as mine stripped out fast.Looking forward to making a couple of upgrades, including the aforementioned zero stop switches, a cover for the board, and other printable upgrades. Came with a cute battery operated light, too. Can come in handy.
jayMac jayMac
No 3Dprinted parts, plastic parts are ABS injection molded. Watch the bearings!
At this price point it is hard to complain! All the 3D printed parts have been replaced with nicely finished ABS parts. The 20-20 extrusions are well and cleanly cut, requiring minimal de-burring. The cast corner hardware isn't the best, best satisfactory. IT does have the rounded t-nuts that fit through the slot so that's a plus.The spindle motor is what it is. What will it cut? Think Dremel type power, but lower RPM. Would you use a Dremel to machine an aluminum/brass part? Probably not. It comes only with a steel ER11 collet chuck which is nice, but probably a little too much weight for this spindle. Earlier versions came with a simple brass coupler to hold bits. Although not as ideal as a tool holder, it would probably perform better.The included control board (Cronosmaker v2) and spindle holder support the laser module should you decide to add that later. The board also supports 6 end-stops,and a z-axis probe, none of which are included.The only real fitment issue I had was the x-axis lead screw that runs across the gantry. It inserts into a captive bearing on the floating end. The screw is small enough that it doesn't actually engage with the bearing, this rattles annoyingly. I wrapped that end of the screw with a couple of turns of Teflon tape which solved the problem.All the linear guide rod bearings are the typical Chinesium type, bone dry, and a bit crunchy. Gently flush them out with some solvent/cleaner and lubricate generously before assembly.After these small changes, with the spindle power off, the machine is running virtually silent. Nice and smooth.Rigidity isn't that great. Most of the flex seems to come from the small diameter x-axis gantry guide rods. The 20-20 frame is plenty rigid, I just wish the gantry guide rods were thicker. It doesn't take a great deal of force to flex and move the spindle carriage.You'll need to be creative to mount end stops (not included). 3D Printer is recommended for that.I would suggest making some sort of backing on
Caden Caden
Not bad for the price
At first, I left a poor review, I hadn't received any instructions and was not perceiving this as a beginners desktop model. The seller eventually reached out and did send over instructions and answer any questions which was much appreciated :) Great job for customer service. Now as far as the actual product, it isn't bad for the money. Honestly, you can't really beat the price elsewhere.If you know what you are doing you can assembly this probably within an hour or two. Some people really enjoy the building process and find it part of the fun.If you are just getting into desktop CNC machining, understand a few concepts before committing. Learn CAD and CAM decently. You will spend some time in frustration if you are not expecting to learn all of these steps. Now that's just CNC machining in general and doesn't have to do with this machine specifically.The machine itself it good for learning and isn't too much of a cost if you decide not to use it much.
Chris Lewis Chris Lewis
Very happy!
I was skeptical about it being something other than what I ordered because of the low price. I bought the same thing a while back for much more and it wasn't even as nice. Plus it came early. Always a plus. I thought it would be quicker to put together since this is my second. But even with little tricks. It still takes a few hours. So be ready. Lol. Put the bolts, washers, and clamps together first. They just slide through the holes. Don't know why nobody puts that on the instructions. Good luck!
Thomas Hutchison Thomas Hutchison
well packaged and arrived nearly a week early
Ordered this with the free shipping because I'm cheap, surprisingly it was shipped and arrived way earlier than the date projected by amazon. As far as the actual machine, it was packaged nicely and from what i saw even if the carrier dropped the box and was completely careless i doubt the parts would be damaged. On the downside the instructions are crap. There are no printed instructions. The ones it has are located on the included flash drive, however for the hundreds of individual pieces in the kit the entire intructions are broken down into less than ten steps that don't tell you much. Only really a picture of a section completed. Luckily youtube exists and there are multiple video's that have very detailed step by step guides on putting everything together. The other downside is that the electronic board is fully exposed. I have a 3d printer and found a box for it easily so that is an option. Also the spindle chuck is a solid upgrade from the traditional ones I've seen on the 3018. It does not come with wrenches for the chuck though so be aware of that. Overall the price is very good compared to other sellers. The speed it arrived was awesome. Would recommend this seller.
CNC for small projects
Hi, this CNC 3018 machine has everything you need to start learning and doing small projects with CNCs.Very well packaged and easy to use. It comes with a memory card with the installation manual and the software to start using it. I purchased the offline controller for some small uses and I think it is a must.
Benjamin S Lipsey Benjamin S Lipsey
Impressive Results for a Starter CNC
This product was shipped fast and arrived without damage. It took about 2 hours to unpack and assemble.I have used a 3D printer but I do not have any previous experience with desktop CNC or any other CNC machining. I am quite impressed with the quality of this product. The included software and instructions are helpful but I did find in necessary to seek further build instructions on the internet. There are many useful pdf's and videos available on the topic, just search for "3018 CNC." Build quality and results are really impressive for a starter machine. Everything needed is included to get engraving right away. Highly recommended. -BL
Christian Bailey Christian Bailey
Solid parts, Unbeatable price
Does not come with instructions, and I had a major problem with the GRBL that was flashed to the board. The price of the kit is unbeatable and I absolutely love the Cronos board made from steel, once I changed the GRBL I no longer had what was my only problem. Highly recommended if you have your heart set on a mini GRBL cnc
Tony Burton Tony Burton
This product is a great value for what it can do.
I like how you can make signs real quick with being a novice with this machine. The software with this is product is widely used. It is a fun past time making engravings with this machine.AB
Karan Karan
Very crafty.
My son loves this and has made some cute items.

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