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Stephen Addison Stephen Addison
Great Product at a Competitive Price
I had built a couple charcoal forges to melt cans and decided to take the plunge and get a propane fired one. Now im kicking myself for waiting this long! Its so much easier and faster, i dont have reload my forge in the middle of a melt or waste a bunch of fuel when i run through my supply of cans. the only gripe i have is that i have to open the lid to add cans but thats my own fault for not checking the measurements on the opening in the lid. It comes with the crucible and tongs so if you have gloves, face protection, and propane you are ready to melt. I appreciate the placard with the different melting points of various metals on the front of the unit, maybe someday i will try to cast another material and im glad to know this will provide me that option in the future.
Srdjan C. Srdjan C.
Awesome beginners foundry
It's great for beginners. The instructional video was very helpful. I enjoy using the product it works well and is easy to operate. If you're interested in casting metals this is a great beginner foundry. Remember to get all of your personal protective equipment to ensure you do get injured for an accident. But I love using mine. I believe it's fairly priced. If your thinking about getting it. I would buy it. I even recieved it before the estimate delivery date
Encephalo Encephalo
Great Starter Package
I wanted to melt some scrap copper wire and had never done any metal casting before. The furnace package with an added 1 kg graphite mold was all I needed to buy (already had gloves, a faceshield and propane tank). At first I was worried as it got red hot but would not melt, I just needed to turn up the gas to full and open the air intake more (3/4" gap). With the settings correct it melted copper very quickly. My first pours went very well, pictured is after clean up with wire wheel.
Mike W. Mike W.
It heats up fast and melts cans with ease.
It took a little trial and error to get the oxygen/gas ratio right, but once I had it balanced, it made short work of a bag of cans I had ready and melted chunks of copper left over from an inferior furnace that gave out half way through a melt. Much better than the electric one from China I recently tried that didn't even have a coherent manual.
shannon payne (mr) shannon payne (mr)
Excellent packaging, excellent quality
First impression upon opening: Good packaging, double-boxed, double layer of packing foam on top, thick packing foam on bottom holding all components in place. Crucible itself came inside of the furnace, also inside of a zip-lock plastic bag. because of the size difference between the crucible and the diameter of the furnace, there is motion during shipping which caused the fire brick to impact the crucible. This made minor chips along the outside. the interior is completely fine and still fully functional. The ceramic fiber inside of the furnace is of good quality and there was minimal deformation caused from shipping. The furnace itself feels to be of high quality and there is a plaque that shows the melting temperatures for various metals. very useful for beginners. I am extremely satisfied with this product.
Dimkaa Dimkaa
Works great buy it you won't be sorry love it
I love everything about this furnace works great it took minutes to assemble and melting aluminum is quick and easy. I am a beginner and this great for anyone at any skill level. The only thing that. I added was a cut off valve close to the furnace for convenience.
jared jared
Easy to Assemble/Use
Item arrived quickly and on the date promised. The furnace is well constructed and appears to be able to withstand years of operation. Assembly was easy and the instructions were easy to follow. I would recommend this to a friend.
Toni Macaroni Toni Macaroni
Good Build Quality
Just recieved the foundry and am testing out. Initial look shows to be good components of decent quality. It's a rudimentary device and doesn't require a lot of bells and whistles which is good considering most who look to this kit won't have a ton of experience. The Design is solid and better than I thought it might be. You never know with website and kits what you'll get. To me the small size is perfect for the "garage" fabricator, so when it's not in use it's not taking up a ton of space. Also beyond small parts you're going to have a bunch of other factors to consider. I'll update with pictures after first pour.
robert lavigne robert lavigne
Arrived quickly and in perfect condition
My Cast Masters Furnace arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I became distracted and it sat in my garage for several months. Once I opened it I followed the enclosed directions, including viewing the YouTube video they gave a link to. Assembly took less the 3 minutes and I was burning immediately thereafter. Nice product and based on my personal experience, recommended.
Maria Noel Ricaldi Maria Noel Ricaldi
Decent first session
This is my first gas furnace and happy with the first smelting session. I let it heat up and dry burned for a bit and didn't see any crazy discolored Joints. I moved on to trying to meltdown some cans. Wasted some gas in learning how to get it smelting temperatures without suffocating the flame. Three crucibles worth before I ran out of Gas (I was about a quarter full starting anyway).

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