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wb2.0 wb2.0
I am having a blast
I love this furnace. It took some trial and error to figure out the propane and air adjustments to get everything going good, but I was surprised at how easy it was to melt. You are not going to be melting steel in this thing, but it's a great way recycle scrap. I am an absolute beginner and got a cool little bar on my first attempt. If this sort of thing interests you, I would recommend giving it a try. I will say that the only instructions were assembly instruction. You pretty much need to figure out how to adjust things yourself. But it's not that hard.
Master Saygo Master Saygo
A simple, effective starter furnace.
Product arrived quickly and without damage, well packaged. Easy to assemble. First impression with the tongs was disappointment but I found they do work well enough with the crucible given. Also using larger tongs would be difficult given the small amount of clearance between the crucible and insulation. Seems to melt aluminum cans quite quickly even on lower settings. My son is almost excited as I am to start making ingots in real life (minecraft is cool).
Philip C. Philip C.
Very easy to use
I wasn't sure what to expect when I unboxed this product. I had never used one before and thought it might be difficult to start and be comfortable with. Once I assembled the hoses and hooked up the propane tank, it started right up. I had watched a couple of videos before using it to make sure I knew what I was doing but found this crucible so easy, I was able to melt my first object right away. I practiced on a soda can and it was reduced to a little puddle, so I went on to try melting the items I bought it for and it worked perfectly! Thanks for a great product!
Michael Blaker Michael Blaker
Very nicely made.
Nicely made, good for beginners. Though it seems to be losing heat. Due to where the regulator connects, where the 3 square bolts are screwed into the furnace, and I watched a 5" flame blowing back towards the gas line. that is not a safe design. If the regulator had a small about of insulation wrapped around where it's inserted into the furnace, it would fix the problem with the logs of heat, and the flame escaping the furnace. If you were to chasms the regulator design from a straight pipe, to a 90⁰ angle at the connection of the regulator fits to the furnace would fix the problem of the flame blowing back towards the gas line.
Rolly Rolly
Great customer service!!
opened the package and there were no instructions and when i went to hook up the hose the connector was not the right size and leaked?? i contacted them and sent a photo of the issue and they were great help sending me another hose and connector. although there were issues they were great about solving the problem!!! very good company
Paula Arevalo Paula Arevalo
Great for melting all kinds of metals
This forge is really built well. I have had mine for about a year and the forge still works great. I mostly use it for melting and refining aluminum which it is does super quickly however, brass and copper take quite a bit longer. I found that it really helps melt them quicker if I attached a leaf blower to the air intake. My only complaint is that the opening in the top doesn't quite fit a pop can in it, so I have to take it off every time I put a new can into the crucible. Other than that it has been a great forge.
TheWireGuy TheWireGuy
Simple, Effective, Affordable
Everything I'd hoped for in a beginner's metal casting forge. The casing distorts a bit from the round after several uses but that's to be expected considering the gauge of the metal. This does not affect the functionality though. My only suggestion that is not covered in the instructions is perhaps a bit more explanation of the air inlet settings for optimum heating (a bit of excess air yields a hotter and more stable flame, too much excess air yields an unstable flame). I also advise pinching off a bit of Kaowool from the lid and stuffing it around the propane burner probe to prevent flame leakage back out around the probe. I reach bronze melting temperatures in about 10 minutes (note, the inside of the crucible is always cooler than the flame exhausting through the lid).
Siannopollo Siannopollo
Easy set up & heats up fast
This is the first furnace I've purchased and it works great! The set up was easy and when I tested it, it heats up fast. All parts came ready to use and thee included accessories are perfect to get started. The furnace is easy to adjust with the temperature. I attached it to a 40 lb propane tank to get more time out of the furnace. The crucible was easy to heat treat in the oven and now it is ready to melt some metal. Safety equipment is recommended. All in all worked better than I expected it to. I’m looking forward to working with this furnace and melting all types of metal. Would definitely recommend to anyone, especially beginners, looking to melt metal.
Great for a first time hobbyists.
I picked this kit up with some items needed to deal with working with molten metals. Everything worked out just fine with putting it into production and started smelting the same day. It's been a few months and it has held together fine after many uses. As a propane smelter, it does what it was meant to do and that's about it, you'll want to pick up PPE and other things as you get better at working with the unit.
Sean Vogelsang Sean Vogelsang
Awesome product, awesome price
This is one of the finest companies in terms of customer satisfaction and communication. Everything was packed with great care and professionalism. The product itself will easily melt anything from aluminum to copper within minutes. All the welds are solid and the forge itself is made of high quality steel. It comes with a 5kg crucible and a small fire brick to set it on. The thermostat is adjustable along with an air intake for further adjusting. I would highly suggest this forge set to anyone looking all over the net for a great quality product for an excellent price. It was supper easy to assemble, less than 5 minutes. Great for beginners and seasoned users. Thanks cast master for an awesome product.

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